Law Brief On Gun Control Essay

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Law Brief on Gun Control

GUN CONTROL: Our Streets Are Running Red Tom Coker English IA November 18, 1997 6:35 p.m. : William Wallace had a very stressful day at work and is now driving home. As he is travelling along the I-10 freeway in Los Angeles, he suddenly comes to a complete stop. Gridlock traffic is not an unusual sight for any motorist that travels on this freeway, and William decides to exit the freeway in order to escape the madness. He exits on the next off ramp and comes to a red light at a busy intersection. As he patiently waits for the stoplight to change illumination he thinks about his wife and his two beautiful daughters. Suddenly the driver's side window is shattered and glass disperses throughout the interior of the car. William looks over to find a brick resting on the passenger seat next to him. A hooded man runs up to the side of his car and violently opens the door. The man points a gun and shouts at William to get out before he gets hurt. As William struggles to unbuckle his seatbelt, the man hits him against the side of his head with the pistol. William is then forcefully pulled out of the car and thrown onto the asphalt in a manner of rage. William looks over and sees a man step out of the car behind him pointing a 9mm pistol with one hand and holding a police badge in the other hand. The off duty officer shouts for William's attacker to stop. The hooded man panics and opens fire on the officer. William watches the officer take three bullets to his chest and fall to the ground. The hooded man then jumps into William's car, slams on the accelerator and races straight into the busy intersection. The next sound that William hears is burning rubber, crushing metal to metal, and shattering glass. William is bleeding severely and barely conscious when the paramedics arrive several minutes later. The story above is fictitious, but these kinds of horrifying crimes occur everyday in America and innocent people are being killed. Crime in America has become as common as a cold. Television, movies, and music have contributed towards desensitizing our outlook on violence. The children of today are growing up in a society that is full of violent crimes and other such atrocities. People are being killed while just taking a walk, driving on freeways, going to school, and even in their own homes with stray bullets from drive-by shootings. It should not be this way. Innocent people should not be persecuted by the hands of unstable arm-bearing people on angry power trips. Something terrible has happened in our society and the citizens of this once 'great country' have greatly lowered their moral and ethical values. The fact is that people are no longer taking responsibility for their own behavior. What once used to end with a harmless bloody nose is now resulting in blood baths. "With two hundred million guns in circulation and another fifteen thousand manufactured everyday, there are enough firearms to arm every man, woman, and...

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2997 words - 12 pages order to purchase a handgun and 18 for rifle or shotgun. It wasn't until 1994 that the next two major pieces of gun restriction legislation were passed. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, simply the Brady Act, and the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, commonly known as the "assault-weapons ban." The Brady Act imposed a five day waiting period and mandatory background check before a licensed dealer could sell a handgun to a

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1098 words - 5 pages behavior of criminals… there would be no surprise if it were found that criminals regularly violate the law by purchasing guns on the illegal black market tor by stealing them (Moorehouse, 122). Moorehouse and Wanner mean that even if gun control laws prevent criminals from getting guns legally they will continue to commit crime and will find alternate ways to purchase guns. In fact, according to the Southern States Police Benevolent Association

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