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Law and Criminality: Forensic/Criminal PsychologyIs Psychology an effective tool to assist in the apprehension/prosecution of criminals?Contents:1.) Introduction: What is Criminal Psychology/Profiling?2.) Project Outline3.) Media Portrayal4.) Personal perspective of Criminal Psychology5.) Global perspective of Criminal Psychology6.) National/Local perspective of Criminal Psychology7.) Analysis of Issues8.) Personal Response: My course of action9.) Conclusion10.) BibliographyIntroduction: What is Criminal Psychology/Profiling?Criminal profiling is a use of psychology, which aims to get into the minds of offenders to figure out why they commit crime, whether there is a certain type of person who commits crime, behaviours of typical criminals, and possibly predict the next crime. These conclusions can be helpful to the police in narrowing down suspects, thus resulting in a case with minimal victim casualties.Psychology's role in the apprehension of criminals is broad, covering areas such as interviewing, detecting deception, offender profiling, and eyewitness research. This practice is used globally, and has been for many years. This topic involves the police, criminals, and the legal system, as well as of course Forensic and Criminal Psychologists.From what I know, psychology is an extremely useful tool for police, but I also know that media heavily influences my perception; Therefore I will need to look at this topic with an open mind, and not let TV influences effect my analysis. Bearing this in mind will also help me to refine my research. Criminal Psychology has been used, and developed over a period of around one hundred years. Origins of modern study have derived from basic eyewitness experiments dating back to 1901, and have gradually developed, now partially linked to the legal system. Being increasingly interested in the psychology field, this project will help me to see what some aspects of this area of profession involve, and if it's something want to pursue. After a brief introduction, and discussion of media portrayal of the subject, I will begin with my personal perspective of Criminal Psychology, as I feel this will give an unbiased view from what I already know, aiming to highlight any potential problems prior to in-depth research.Media PortrayalI would like to start by acknowledging how the media has portrayed a false message about criminal psychology. Programs such as "Criminal Minds" are a good example of false media portrayal, as they show the psychologist as having a far more active role than they really do. This gives viewers the 'thrill of the chase' sensation, but psychologists wouldn't usually accompany officers in the apprehension of suspects. In addition, cases usually take weeks/months to solve, and are rarely as easy to piece together as they are on the show. However it is portrayed in the media, criminal psychology is far from boring.Global perspective of Criminal PsychologyThe use of criminal profiling has played the...

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