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Law Enforcement Essay

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Being in law enforcement requires a high level of training and education. There are many different types of law enforcement branches. Law enforcement officers use special tactics, weapons, cars, and reasoning to apprehend a suspect or complete the job assigned. Some of the many different types and branches of law enforcement are; Police Department’s which have jurisdiction in a particular city. The Sheriffs Department’s jurisdiction is limited to an entire county. Highway Patrolmen or State Troopers are designated to keep the road safe and enforce traffic laws. Then there are Federal and State departments assigned to specific tasks. Such as the DEA, which means Drug Enforcement Agency, ...view middle of the document...

There were usually six watchmen, one constable, and several volunteers that helped keep the peace. The first city to divide their watch into separate patrol areas was Philadelphia in 1705. Each area had their own number of watchmen and a constable. There were 10 separate areas over the state. It wasn’t until 1833 when Philadelphia created and organized the very first independent, paid, full time, twenty-four hours a day Police department. In 1844 New York City established 2 police forces, one for night and one for day. A police chief was assigned to lead the entire police department. Boston was the first city to issue firearms in the year 1863. The Berkley police department became the first agency to have all patrol officers using automobiles. The Sheriffs Department is the oldest, still in business, non-military, law enforcement entity in history, making their appearance in the 9th century. It was started in early England when land was divided into areas called Shires. In each Shire there was a guardian or Reeve. The Reeve was a position that became appointed by the King to protect his interests and the people who lived in the areas. The word Sheriff came from the combining of the two words Shire and Reeve. The office of the Sheriff grew from a protector of the kings interests; to a tax collector, maintain jails, arresting fugitives, and keeping a list of wanted persons, but most important of all, keeping the peace. The early American Sheriff was a securer of the people and was given much power. Augustine Washington Sr., Father of George Washington, was one of the most famous Sheriffs. He was the Sheriff of Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1727. Current day Sheriffs Deputies are required to have basic law enforcement training, which is 17 weeks long and 624 hours of training. A department must sponsor trainees in order to be hired. Deputies receive extra training in nearly all aspects of law enforcement. Some deputies are trained for negotiating, Physical Training, and firearms instructing, but all deputies are able to uphold the law. Nearly all of the Law enforcement branches have a k-9 unit. Some may be used for different things. Such as some dogs are trained as attack dogs, bomb detecting dogs, drug smelling dogs, and in certain cases search and rescue dogs. The most common police dog is the German Shepard. They are mostly trained in Germany and then the...

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