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Law Enforcement And Social Media Essay

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very popular social media sites for today’s generation. However, these types of social media sites may no seem like a bad idea to have until a loved one or child is involved in a situation they can’t get themselves out of. Social media’s should be more firm with their users because children have no parental supervision, anyone is allowed to have one and use it for illegal activity, and people take advantage of the sites.
This generation of parents are not supervising their children social media sites. “Such parents may lack a basic understanding of those new forms of socialization, which are integral to their child’s lives” (O’Keefe 5). The appropriate ...view middle of the document...

Law enforcement uses social media as a way to catch the predators ahead of time. Acting as a young boy or girl who is underage. Law enforcement officers are telling individuals to put the account on private to protect and for safe keeping. “Caution, common sense, ans security software can go along way towards making us more secure online” (Reynolds 9). Taking caution of the site a person owns is crucial. Only because that person is taking the risk of their private life being seen by anyone they may or may not know.
“Many parents are aware that thirteen years old is the minimum age for most social media sites but do not understand as of why thirteen is the minimum age” (O’Keefe 5). There is not a certain age for anyone to be on social media or have their own account because having one should be based upon maturity and responsibility. Parents should notice these things in their children then decide if it is appropriate for he or she to have an account. Owning an account and putting ones business on a site a person knows nothings about is taking a huge risk to put information about ones self on the internet for anyone to see.
Social media sites today are being taken advantage of. Today’s generation has turned social media into an addiction. Even illegal activity is being used on social media. The most common activity is pornography. The illegal activity of today’s society is purchasing these activities for your own...

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