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The critical analysis of the article titled “Law Enforcement Tactics and Their Effectiveness in Dealing with American Terrorism: Organizations, Autonomous Cells, and Lone Wolves” written by Christopher Hewitt examined the terrorism activities and law enforcement regarding the terrorists attacks that were prevailed in the state (Hewitt, 2014). In this regard, the policies, law enforcement, counterterrorism was identified and the political framework was addressed the issues regarding terrorism and political violence in the states. However, articles focuses on the Lone wolf and autonomous cell terrorism that was ruling in the states and the impact of terrorists activities were highlighted as the discussion proceeds.
The author have admirable portrayed the impact of terrorist among the citizens and political framework regarding the terrorism and violence prevailing in United States. In the study the investigations were captured by analyzing number of cases of terrorist’s attacks in United States. In this regard, the law enforcement agencies have taken the step towards investigating the terrorist’s issues as to avoid violence that is destructing the life of the citizen in United States (Hewitt, 2014). They have inquired regarding the series of bombing in the United States and the major cause of violence was the terrorist’s attacks that were prevailing in the society. The raise in the terrorist attack was because of the Lone wolf and autonomous cell terrorism that have destructed the peace of the state (Lone Wolf and Autonomous Cell Terrorism, 2012).
In addition, the author has admirable focused on the criminal investigations of the cases regarding the terrorist’s attacks and violence that was ruling in the state. The author has examined the criminal cases as to identify the people involved in the criminal act. The federal judge was killed with bomb blast and the person behind the attack was arrested. However, they have investigated regarding the cases and the eyewitness present at the time of attacks would be of prime importance at the time of criminal investigations (Hewitt, 2014). The police and law enforcement officials cater the eye witness as an important source of providing justice in the state.
In the terrorists...

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