Law Enforcement: Israel & United States

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The criminal justice system in the United States is an important structure that can primarily be divided into three central divisions Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections each one operates separate from the others and yet coincide with the others as well. The criminal justice system is a global phenomenon, not solely bound within the borders of the United States, not a one shoe fits all; each country has created a form of criminal justice system suited to that country’s needs while allowing for cultural, economic, and historical aspects to influence the system’s development and operations. The law enforcement facet of the criminal justice system in any country very significant due to ...view middle of the document...

There are two models that a state can choose the state police model and the highway patrol model. The state police model allows for the agencies and officers to “have the same law enforcement powers as local police, but can exercise them anywhere in the state” (POWERPOINT). The highway patrol model is different because this model has “officers focus on highway traffic safety, enforcement of the state’s traffic laws, and the investigation of accidents on the state’s roads, highways, and on state property.”(POWERPOINT). Again there will be separate agencies within each state with different directives and an organizational structure to facilitate those directives. Some will use a director, similar to the federal agencies, who manage the agency divisions while some will incorporate a commissioner and a deputy commissioner and both are tasked with the same objectives as the directors and deputy directors. Below the state level are the local law enforcement agencies which are the county and city law enforcement. The county agencies are often a sheriff department headed by a sheriff with subordinate officers. This department will enforce state laws along with in additional laws enacted by local legislation with in the county lines. Following the county law enforcement there are city law enforcement which are headed by a chief monitoring the department and if present specific units tasked with special duties. This structure of law enforcement, in regards to the different levels that have individual departments, is not the only approach that exists.
Israel has a drastically different approach to law enforcement structure with the predominant difference being that the law enforcement in Israel is more centralized and a nationwide organization. The Inspector General is the highest person in this chain of command overseeing the Israeli police force. Aiding the Inspector General is the national headquarters which assist in formulating policy, allocating resources, developing relations with external agencies, providing professional guidance, promoting research and development, providing management services like computerization, and public relations (HOMEWEBSITE). The National Headquarters is comprised of eight divisions: Policing and Security, Investigations and the war on crime, Intelligence, Traffic, Community and Civilian Guard, Planning and Organization, Support and Logistics, and Human Resources(HOME WEBSITE). Now each division’s focus is solely on a specific task, however since the law enforcement is on a national scale these departments handle all issues within the country. Currently there are six districts that the law enforcement operates in, each varying in population and development but each district is assigned a commander to control the law enforcements actions and personnel. Monitoring the Israeli Police is the Minister of Public Security leader of the Ministry of Public Security. Another facet of the Israel law enforcement is the Civilian...

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