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Law Enforcements Digital Eyes: A Necessary Evil

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Technology is always rapidly evolving every year, and the way it gets used is becoming more inventive. Take for instance your typical camera. Today you can find cameras all over the place, you can even find them at most traffic intersections and along roads in cities and towns all across the country. Why would anyone want to place a camera just to watch traffic, you may ask? Well there’s a very clear and precise answer to that, but that answer doesn’t come without scrutiny. These traffic cameras are often referred to as red light cameras, license plate readers, speed cameras, just to share a few of the more common names. Intersection camera’s operate off of motion sensors primarily, and will take a snapshot of every car that drives through the intersection regardless of traffic light color. Another alternative use is as a license plate reader. These camera’s use a larger camera lens and are triggered by motion to capture a vehicles license plate should they exceed a predetermined speed. Last form of camera that I consider to be a traffic camera is known as a “dash cam”, these are cameras that people can mount to the interior dash of their car and it records all that happens in front of them. Traffic cameras are a necessary evil for several reasons, and they actually make driving safer.
driving is something we are all taught when we first learn to drive. As time
goes on we tend to start bending traffic laws to better fit our driving habits
and/or needs. For example, you’re running late for class and as you approach an
intersection you see the light turn yellow. Now you’re at that spot where if
you brake hard you can stop safely, but if you accelerate a little bit you can
beat the red light. Like most people you probably opted to speed up and beat the
light, which is unsafe and very dangerous. If someone waiting for the green
light didn’t see you speed up and started moving as soon as the light turned
green, the two of you would’ve created an accident. Had the intersection had a
traffic camera installed, it would have been triggered when both cars entered
the intersection and you would have been responsible for running the red light.
Red light camera’s create that presence that there is a cop in that
intersection watching you; this in turn would have made you feel less inclined
to accelerate and brake instead. Intersections with these cameras installed
tend to be more organized and people approach them more cautiously so they
don’t get caught in a similar situation. Some of the higher end traffic camera’s
used in intersections also measure a vehicle’s speed as it passes through.
cameras and license plate readers, are just a couple of alternative names for
other annoying but useful traffic cameras. You’ll find these along the side of
most neighborhood roads, roads that have a high incident rate, intersections,
and most recently built into the guardrails along highways and interstates. Of
all the different types and uses...

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