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Law Case Study X owns a holiday cottage in a remote mountain area. In May he agreed
to let it to Y from 1-15 August. Y paid a deposit of £ 200. On the
afternoon of 31 July, after Y and his family had set off from their
home near London, a landslide rendered the cottage uninhabitable. X,
who had recently spent £ 500 on redecoration in preparation for Y’s
visit, was unable to contact Y, and Y only found out what had happened
when he arrived at the cottage. Y spent £ 200 on hotel accommodation
for the night before returning home next day. Y and his family were
very disappointed at not having the holiday they had planned.

Y is now demanding that X should return his deposit and pay him

Advise X. What difference, if any, would it make if the damage to the
cottage had been caused by a fire carelessly started by X?


In advising X, it has to be determine whether the contract between Y
and X has been frustrated, and if so can Y demand for his deposit and
further compensation.

Frustration occurs when without default of either party to the
contract, the contractual obligation has became incapable of being
performed Amalgamated Investment v John Walker.

There are 2 test for frustration. By the Implied Term Theory test
there is an implied term in every contract that if the contract is
incapable of being performed without default of either party the
contract is discharge Blackburn J in Taylor v Caldwell


These theory has been substantially replaced by the radical change in
obligation test by Lord Radchiffe in Davies v Fareham UDC. Here
frustration take process when the supervening event which
significantly changes the nature of the obligation from what the
parties have contemplated. These was upheld in Pioneer Shipping Ltd v
BTP Tioxide and National Carriers v Panalpina

The frustration event here would fall under the heading of
unavailability. The landside which rendered the cottage uninhabitable
have significantly changes the nature of the obligation. Here X may
argue that the unavailability is only temporary. But in Jackson v
Union Marine Insurance, held unavailability apply even it is only
temporary, as long as it covers the period of performance. As from the
facts even though the landside is temporary but the cottage becomes
uninhabitable which may require a long time to repair and moreover it
is situated in a remote mountain area and X had recently spent £ 500
on the redecoration.

Upon discovery of the frustration event one need to examine, whether
the effect of the doctrine can be limited as Viscount Simmonds in

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