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1 . Question 1 :This question presents two scenarios, both of which revolvesaround the issue of whether there is a contract.To solve the legal problem , advise Justin , We need to know :What is "Contract"?"A Contract is essentially an agreement between two or morepersons which will be enforced by a court of law . "(BrendanSweeney & Jennifer O'Reilly , Law in Commerce , Second Edition) .And contract is constituted by four factors :Offer + Acceptance+ Intention+ Consideration= Contract1.1 Part 1.In return for Justin's benevolence of fixing the fence, Leanna decided to pay him fifty dollars. She is making an offer in this instance, and is therefore the offeror. By thanking her Justin has made an acceptance to Leanna's offer of the money, and he is therefore the offeree. So far, this exchange could be construed as a contract because of the existence of an offer and acceptance made through oral communication.However, the problem arises when there's a lack of terms of conditions in their agreement. Without communicating details such as an exact date of when Justin can receive the fifty dollars or any other conditions, their exchange appears more like an invitation totreat. When examined further, we see that as Justin has not provide any consideration, this cannot be a contract, especially as Leanna'soffer is only a gratuitous promise.Ultimately, Justin seems unlikely to obtain a remedy for the fifty dollars that didn't receive, as this was not a binding contract enforceable of the court of law. Leanna hasn't committed any legal wrong , rather the worst she has done is committed a moral wrong .1.2 Part 2.After Justin has agreed to the terms of Rebecca's new offer, Justin promptly paid the relevant amount (half of the money he owed from Rebecca) back to her on the relevant date. As there was an offer made by Rebecca and an acceptance made by Justine, and also with the consideration of the date Justin paied Rebecca the money. they've clearly entered into a contract. As this is the new contract, both parties must be obligated to the terms of the current contract. However, when Rebecca decided to reclaim the rest of the money back due to Justin's financial improvement, she is in fact acting in breach of the contract. So, Justin doesn't need to pay back the rest of the money, or he could protect himself by the law .There's a similar case in the book1: Law in Commerce (Brendan Sweeney & Jennifer O'Reilly, second edition, p142) . "Central London Property Trust Ltd v High Trees House Ltd."In this case, when the plaintiff asked the defendant to pay half of the rent, it seems like he had made an offer in a new contract. The defendant also accepted the offer. But here's a problem: The lessee hadn't given any consideration for it. "The owner's representation was a promise as to a future matter and not a representation as to anexisting fact." So, the "contract" was not admitted. The plaintiff was entitled to return to the...

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2044 words - 8 pages consideration for a contract entered into C, with C making some other promise.[1: P. Gillies and N. Selvadurai, Law of Contract 2009 p 78]In the words of Lord Moulton in Halibut, Symons Co v Bulckleton [1913] IC 30 at 47:"If you make such a contract I will give you 100 pounds" is in every sense of the word a complete legal contract[2: R.B. Vermeesch and K.E Lindgren, Business Law of Australia Edition 11 p 153 ]The collateral contract must be made

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714 words - 3 pages heard in federal court even though the law was enacted at the state level. The federal government cases include state law disputes when diversity of citizenship exists (US Courts, 2010). In addition, the federal court regulates interstate commerce that is the basis for this particular suit; a state cannot mandate that a truck use a B-type hitch that coincidently is only manufactured within the state of Confusion.Statute Constitutional

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3009 words - 12 pages Business Law I. Explain with cases the essentials of a valid contract. Introduction Contract, in the simplest definition, a promise enforceable by law. The promise may be to do something or to refrain from doing something. The making of a contract requires the mutual assent of two or more persons, one of them ordinarily making an offer and another accepting. If one of the parties fails to keep the promise, the other is

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1342 words - 5 pages Assignment - ACCT 2313 Business Law Due date: 15th April 2014Group members: Ling Deng Kei , Tong Chung Kieng , Joy Ting , Steven NguiQUESTION ONEThis problem-based question on contract law tests the candidates' ability to identify and apply the law relating to the postal rule in relation to offer and acceptance.Issue:Whether there has been a valid acceptance by Jenny of Sam's offer so as to create a binding contract between them.Law:Offer and

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2339 words - 9 pages INTRODUCTIONIn this assignment I intend to show and understand the law of contract using examples, real cases and legislations.First I will explain using examples and appropriate cases the difference between an offer and an invitation to treat. Then I will define the term consideration, showing the rules and including appropriate cases.I will then apply this knowledge to answer using real examples and cases the legal relations in business and

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2652 words - 11 pages , B. and O'Reilly, J., Law in Commerce, Butterworths: Sydney, 2001.2) Latimer, P. Australian Business Law, CCH Australia Ltd (20th edition)3) Turner, C. Australian Commercial Law, LBC Information Services: NSW 1999.4) Turley, I. Principle of Commercial Law, Cavendish Publishing: Sydney, 2001.5) O'Reilly, J. (2004) Lecture Note

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1122 words - 4 pages than 30 hours/week they are entitled to a better health care package.Conciliationit is a process in which a third party, called a conciliator, restores damaged relationships between disputing parties by bringing them together, clarifying perceptions, and pointing out misperceptions. This is typically used in the family law setting as an alternative to litigating a divorce. Instead of bringing the matter to court, the couple agrees to behave

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2659 words - 11 pages . The Sales of Goods Act 1923 (C¡¦th) „X     Codifies the common law, with some modifications. „X     In this situation the contact was for a sale of goods. As we can assume that the pair of shoes purchased from the retailer David Jones cost greater than $20 and the plaintiff had evidence in writing such as a receipt. „X     It is a Sales of goods if ¡§the test is

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1509 words - 6 pages YOUR TASK: READ THE PROBLEM BELOW AND PRODUCE A WRITTEN ANSWERThe University of Rummidge organises a conference entitled "Law for small Businesses" which is followed by a luncheon at the Grand Hotel. Jim, a law lecturer, is a speaker at the conference and the conference is attended by Albert who has just started a graphic design business and Percy a well-established market gardener.At the conference Albert meets Barry, a fellow student from

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1108 words - 4 pages IntroductionBritish law recommends to the criminal laws of the numerous authorities in the Commonwealth of Britain. These authorities include the six states, the Commonwealth, and the self-regulating territories. It is in large division an issue for the states, with only a little split of criminal activities kept for Commonwealth government to put on trial.Value disputes often concern facts particular to the target firm- such as its earnings

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