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‘It is right that students should contribute to the cost of their degrees.’ Do you agree?
It would be fair that students should contribute to the cost of their degrees simply because having a degree enriches your education and makes you more employable. The skills gained are far more valuable and important than the costs, evidently cost have risen significantly. Thus we shouldn’t be worried about the contributions but more about whether students can afford to contribute at all. The debts that students incur after university is ridiculous and this issue must be resolved immediately.
Students should make contributions to their degree since they now receive a higher level of education and are taught by exceptional professionals. The outstanding resources and teaching offered by many universities is expensive, the time and effort aimed at giving students the finest education is priceless. Thus is it only right that students display their gratitude through giving back and one way could be paying off their degree. However the cost of university degrees currently stands at £9250 this is a significant cost and possibly the only debt that could take up to a lifetime to pay off. It would be ignorant to suggest that all students can and must make contributions as some and can simply not. There are several students from disadvantage backgrounds with financial difficulties who cannot afford to put money towards their degree even if they wanted to. Therefore if the government want students to contribute they must be reasonable and reduce the current costs. This reduction in cost will allow far more students to contribute making this method highly effective.
Similarly to the point above, once students have received a degree it sets them up for specialised and professional jobs. This infers most postgraduates are able to get a well paid...

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