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Law Of Sin And Death Essay

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The law is perfect and Holy, it is good, it has to be because it was given by the One who is perfect and without spot or blemish. But through this law has knowledge come to us. We are now aware of our sins and find that death has come by our sins, that we have a ruling force within us, there is a war. Why do we have this war within us? How can we overcome this war? Is there anyway? Can this law that came to bring life really be the that which caused death within us. Death is a sting to our lives, the law is what gives strength to sin. For it was only by the law that all that we where doing was brought to life, we seek to do good, but this reigning force within us seeks to conquer and kill.

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The law is something that is always in place, it's just like if a guy murders someone else one day the law will bring him in, and if he does it again, he will be brought in again as well, it is consistent and isn't changing, just like the law of gravity. A law is something that is laid, set or fixed. Through the law we realized that we had sin, not that we hadn't sinned before, more so it has become evident through the law to us that we our imperfect and sin has come to create death within us. We see the law and know that it is perfect, Holy, and good, (God is the only One that is good, for there is none other that is good, no not one. Mark 10:18). But there is a war within us that is contending, we see what is good and esteem to do it, but the war of sin and the grip it has on us continually overcomes us. We all are under the law, under the power of the evil one, when we sin we are serving the devil as our father, for he is the author of lies and of sin. This law is upon us til death do us part. It has been set in stone, this law of our flesh, which lies within, it has conquered us over and over again, we have a will to defeat it, but by us and our will, it just simply can not be...

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