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Growing up I always assumed that I would be a nurse. In my family if you are a woman and you work, you are a nurse or waitress, and if you are not a nurse or waitress you stay home and have children. I always just went with this philosophy until I went to college. I never knew anything else. In college I discovered that there are more paths out there for me and women everywhere. I found out that I did not have to fit into the traditional female role. I became involved in politics for the first time in my life, and from there I started to form my own opinions. I would have to say that this is what led me to being interested in the law in the first place. The political science courses at ...view middle of the document...

My parents divorced my senior year of high school, and after that I had to work to support my mother and younger brother. We did not have much, but this did not defeat me. I worked to not only pay for college but to pay for the basics such as food and rent when my mother could not afford to pay. I do not use this as an excuse to give up and take advantage of the kindness of others. Instead, my situation in life has motivated me to not only work harder but to strive to be the best at everything I do. When I came across Valparaiso University Law School while researching different schools, I knew that I had found a school where I could prosper not only as a student but as a woman. I have been told several times that women cannot be lawyers because women are too emotional and that women do not belong in the court room. I cannot disagree more. When I found out that, Andrea D. Lyon, J.D., a woman, will become dean of the Law School in June 2014 I knew that I wanted to attend Valparaiso. Too often different schools advertise that they seek out and encourage diversity among students and faculty. While this may sound promising, when I look into the...

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