Law Vs. Media Essay

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- Good, thought provoking paperI have elected to write an essay dealing with not just a news event, but an action that can highly influence the news we see and hear. The action is known as 'shield laws.' These are codes that enable the media to tell us information, but not where the data came from. I stand very firmly on the belief that enabling persons to stay anonymous (especially in the judicial system) can effect the outcomes of various situations.Law Vs MediaOn July 4, 1967, a law entitled 'Freedom of Information Act,' was passed. This law states that the public has the right to all federal records dealing with almost any subject (excluding those matter's in reference to national security). The act has been used time and time again in court to reveal such information as JFK's murder and 'the UFO conspiracy.' However, this act was not formed solely to exploit the government's records, but also for the public's rights granted in the 6th Amendment. This bill states that a person has the right to a speedy trial, trial by one's peers, and the ability to cross examine his/her accuser(s). Therefore, in the case of journalists receiving information by 'anonymous sources,' these sources must be put on trial. However, by using 'shield laws,' the informants can remain anonymous. This in effect deems part of the 6th Amendment null. However, as stated, the loss of shield laws will result in a form a censorship. This brings up the point of which is more important: the law or the media?To answer the question, you can not look in the Bill of Rights, since the 1st and 6th Amendments would act against one-another. Therefore, a judgment about 'shield laws' must be made. The decision must be broad to...

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1721 words - 7 pages at every level from street protest to the halls of congress and the Federal Communications Commission. (Klinenberg 97)This book also goes into same law issues. It particularly focuses on the 2003/04 case of Prometheus Radio Project Vs. the FCC. This case reversed the FCC’s efforts to relax the media ownership rules. This is a very good move by Mr. Eric since not all book writers dare venture into fields outside their profession such as law

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2241 words - 9 pages are only one way of solving the problem. The other is a long lasting legal battle over issues that are probably impossible to resolve with mutual satisfaction. The main task is the case of Apple vs. Samsung war is to identify the law of the most significant relationship with the issue in question, even if in the end some rules will be favored, such as the rule of lex loci protectionis (Matulionyte 2011; 139). This creates questions: which state is

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967 words - 4 pages it, would it even make a difference who did? In that sense, it wouldn’t matter who really won the election, but rather who won the public opinion. Similar to 1984 by George Orwell, the people who control public opinion and the media control everything. For example, in the case of NBA vs. Donald Sterling it doesn’t matter the legality of the situation or the outcomes. The question, as David Davenport (see citation) clearly states, is whether

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Law Vs. Media Essay

637 words - 3 pages situations. Law Vs Media         On July 4, 1967, a law entitled 'Freedom of Information Act,' was passed. This law states that the public has the right to all federal records dealing with almost any subject (excluding those matter's in reference to national security). The act has been used time and time again in court to reveal such information as JFK's murder and 'the UFO conspiracy.' However, this act was not formed solely to

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2151 words - 9 pages cases, privacy deems to expand at a dramatic rate, yet it is not enough for the meantime.________________________________________Bibliography ________________________________________ Books -Carey, P. & Sanders, J. (2004) Media Law (3rd ed., Sweet & Maxwell) -Nicol, A. & Millar, G. & Sharland, A. (2001) Media Law & Human Rights (Oxford University Press) -Robertson, G. & Nicol, A. (2002) Media Law (4th ed., Penguin

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