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Lawrence Sullivan Ross: The Hero Of The Great State Of Texas

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Lawrence Sullivan Ross or more commonly known as Sul Ross was born on September 27, 1838 in Bentonsport, Iowa Territory. He was a second son and fourth child of Catherine Fulkerson and Shapley Prince Ross (Benner). In 1839, Ross’ family moved to the new Republic of Texas where the young Ross had his first encounter with hostile Indians (Benner). Speaking about his education, Ross attended Baylor University in Texas for one year and then he transferred to Wesleyan University in Alabama, where he earned his A.B degree in 1859. Since a child, Ross has shown his ambition to be an Indian fighter like his father. Therefore, he did not waste a chance when there was an opportunity for him to enter the United States Army during a summer holiday in his junior year in college. Without a doubt, he signed himself as a leader of a group of Native American soldiers and participated in a campaign against Comanches in Indian Territory. This was Ross’ first experiences in the army action. Ross was wounded, but he won the battle and got much praise from regular army officers. Throughout his life, Ross has devoted his soul and time for the great state of Texas. He began to earn love from Texans when he joined the Texas Ranger and successfully recovered Cynthia Ann Parker from hostile Indians. In addition, Ross also served in civil war by signing up for the Confederate Army. Not only devoted himself in military aspect, Ross also served Texas in political aspect as both state senator and as governor. In addition, after Ross retired from politics, he was appointed president of the struggling Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (Texas A&M University). He was the one who saved the school from closure. Lawrence Sullivan Ross died in College Station on January 3, 1898 (Sobel). Texans were in grief because Ross was such a great soldier, statesman, and educator. Given these points, Lawrence Sullivan Ross was absolutely one of those few people who had given such a huge contribution and impact to the great state of Texas.
As has been mentioned, Lawrence Sullivan Ross did contribute in military aspect. Since his father was a leader of parties formed to fight the Indians, he became fascinated to follow his father’s footsteps. His first experience was when he was still in college. He was spending his vacations working on operations against the Comanches, an Indian tribe. Ross’ skill and courage had won him the battle. Being that, he received many compliments from the regular army officers. Following graduation, Ross returned to Texas where Governor Sam Houston commissioned him as a captain in the Texas Rangers and instructed him to raise a company of sixty mounted volunteers (Wilhoite). On December 18, 1860, Ross led an attack on the Comanches at their hunting camp near the Pease River. He showed the same skill and courage as a Ranger captain as he had shown earlier with the army. As a result, he won the battle and successfully killed the Comanche Chief Peta Nocona....

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