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Currently in the United States abortions are legal. Nevertheless, laws on abortion differ from state to state for teenagers under the age of 18. Some states require parental permission before a girl under the age of 18 can have an abortion. One common abortion law needs to be in place for all living in the United States. Laws should be in place that all states follow. As of August 28-30, 2005, CNN and USA Today report that 54% of people living in the United States are Pro-Choice, and that only 38% are Pro-Life. With Pro-Choice being over 50%, I believe that everyone should have the choice to have an abortion. However, that does not mean that woman can have as many abortions as they like, but an abortion should be allowed to happen within the first trimester unless the mother's life is in danger. If a women under the age of 18, should have the right to have an abortion with out the consent of her parents. Not all children have understanding parents. Some parents may become violent at the news that their daughter is pregnant. Most people focus on the mothers safety when a violent family is involved, however they can forget about the man that got her pregnant. If the entire abortion is kept secret, there is no risk to either the mother or the father. Some are worried that if abortion is allowed, what is to keep teenagers from having sex. Simple enough, for children under 18, only one abortion is allowed. This way, if a girl does get pregnant; they have the option to back out. By only allowing one abortion, it keeps teens from hopefully getting pregnant a second time. For women over the age of 18 though, different laws apply. Even though they are over 18, that does not mean they can have unlimited abortions. More like 3 every 2 years. Women should have the right, but not to go out and get pregnant every third month, just to have an abortion 2 month...

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