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"Lazlo, The Clockmaker" A 6 Page Short Story Inspired By Salvador Dali's Painting 'persistance Of Memory' Written For My Final Project In My College Creative Writing Class.

1970 words - 8 pages

Scientist dubbed it "The Clocca Phenomenon." They don't understand it. All the brightest minds seem to agree upon is that it's a completely random thing. One second a clock it's bolted to the wall, and then without any rhyme or reason it just starts to drip. Seconds later, its metabolism turns to jelly and it just slides right down the wall and makes a mess all over the carpet.Most people found the "The Clocca Phenomenon" to be a minor annoyance. Most would just put a bucket underneath their clocks to catch the residue as it dripped. When it was all said and done, they'd throw the clock remains out the window and go on about their day miffed at the fact that they need to go out and spend there hard earned money to replace their now-unreadable timepiece.There were two men, however, that felt completely different towards "The Clocca Phenomenon," Lazlo and Jeremiah. To the both of them, every time a clock melted, it wasn't an annoyance, it was an opportunity. An opportunity to bury themselves in their work and dedicate themselves to making a product that was even more beautiful and complex than the last. Due to their dedication towards their craft, both men became successful Clock-Makers in there own right. Lazlo set up shop in Connifer. Jeremiah set up shop in Windy Mills. Between the two of them, they held a monopoly on the Clock-Making industry in the Southern Regions.Yes, all was fine and dandy for the two Clock-Makers until late one night, Lazlo received a phone call."Lazlo's Clock-And-Watch-Emporium, how can I help you?" answered Lazlo."Lazlo! We are coming for you" said an unfamiliar raspy voice.Lazlo responded with the first thing that came into his mind."Ok, bring cash, we don't accept credit cards""Do not mock me! For I am the one who will destroy your way of living!" proclaimed the mysterious voice.Lazlo hardly even considered this a threat and responded in the most nonchalant fashion anyone could. "Oh really? That sure sucks. Well, bye-bye now."Lazlo hung up the phone without a care and the odd conversation quickly left Lazlo's mind. Without realizing it, he was soon back to work grinding away in his workshop making more clocks when all of a sudden, the phone rang again."Lazlo's Clock-And-Watch-Emporium, how can I help you?" answered Lazlo."Lazlo! He was just here! The ClockStopper!" said a frantic voice."Who is this?" queried Lazlo."What? Oh come on man, it's me Jeremiah!" said the voice."Oh hey Jeremiah! How's your wife doing?" said Lazlo, oblivious to Jeremiah's discontent."There's no time for chit chat! You've got to get out of there now!""Um. Why?" wondered Lazlo."The ClockStopper! He just hit up my shop and stole my address book, he's on his way to your place now!""The ClockStopper? You mean that crazy religious zealot who thinks Clock-Makers really know how to stop the Clocca Phenomenon?""Yes! Him! He just was in my shop! Don't you remember the call you took just a few minutes before mine?"Lazlo thought for a second and soon the...

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