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Several scholarly articles have examined the division of work within a home with various ways to test that gender is linked to the predominant amount of work done around the home (Doucet, 1995). All previous works have come to the same conclusion, women do almost all the work in the home across the globe examining many faucets (Doucet, 1995). When looking at this particular topic we must remember that in the nineteen eighties we just started to examine “gender equality” and “gender differences” (Doucet, 1995). Gender equality is a term that is used to describe the rights, freedoms and treatment, a person has in a society (Doucet, 1995). This determine if it correlates to the person's gender (Doucet, 1995). Where as gender difference looks at more political institutions such as schools, workplaces, and legislation (Doucet, 1995). Equality in the household tends to be viewed in the “male model” that includes full- time work and some responsibilities of child care and household work (Doucet, 1995). A high amount of gender differences within the home seems to have negative discernment on changing the inequalities in the public realm (Doucet, 1995). Examining the circumstance of a households division between couples will help determine the inequities that men and women face; this helps us to extrapolate the upon the changing landscape of the public sphere. THESIS GOES HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most literature on the topic of household division looks at middle class heterosexual couples with children in the early years of their life (Doucet, 1995). This may be a problem when examining the topic because at different ages children need various levels of care (Doucet, 1995). We must have proper context for these situations for example looking at the development of a child through their development or taking into account routine [preparing meals] and non-routine work [fixing up the house] (Doucet, 1995). We also have to keep in mind people who like/dislike housework and those willing to pay a third party to clean or do some type of child care (Doucet, 1995). With this in mind we may begin to look at the research present with a critical eye.

Employment status is viewed as more important than domestic work and a man's occupational status is more valued than a woman's (De Henau&Himmelweit, 2013). In “Unpacking: within-household gender differences in partners” full-time employment has a positive impact than any other status between the partners (De Henau&Himmelweit, 2013). Men view their employment as more important than that of the income of the whole family, but with women this is not the case (De Henau&Himmelweit, 2013). Women to be in the unemployed or part-time category this leads to lower pay and less stable jobs (De Henau&Himmelweit, 2013). An increase in wages gives men more power on things such as what they spend their money on and how non-paid labour is divided into chores (De Henau&Himmelweit, 2013). When asking to rank how...

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