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Three Characterisitcs For Being A Good Leaders

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There are three things that make a good leader. Qualities such as honesty, confidence, and ability to delegate. A leader must be honest to their followers because they look up to them and if they feel as if the leader can not be trusted then they might abandon the leader. A leader must also be confident in their own work. If they are unable to stand their own ground then it will be easy for someone to uproot him and make them fall. The ability to delegate is the most important because it allows the leader to see the flaws in their own work and then help incorporate others into their work to make the final product better. These are the three most important qualities of a leader.

When a leader is honest to it's people it forms a bond between them. This bond is one that supports the leader which in return helps them support their followers better and with stronger confidence. They are more likely to get along and trust each other because they understand why the other person is doing what they are doing. In this way the other party will have no cause to become upset or disapprove because they know and understand the problems that the leader faces. It will form a truthful support system that will help not only the followers but also the leader to become stronger in the long run. This is because understanding the other's motives will help them not feel betrayed. Think of what would happen if there wasn't honesty in a leadership. The leader could keep secrets from it's followers and then it would not be a democracy anymore but would lead to something more like a dictatorship. This could easily lead to disastrous mishaps that would have negative impacts on the leadership. Being honest with each other can lead to a happy and more emotionally healthy environment. For the people will feel confident in their leader and hopeful in the outcome of future events. Honesty is important because it is connected to trust which leads to support system.

Confidence in ones own ability to perform is an important trait for a leader to have. If your future is uncertain it can be unsettling for your followers and it can cause them to become upset and afraid of the situation. It is important it be confident in what you are doing so your followers will see that and be inspired to follow the same path of confidence. This can be used as a calming mechanism. In this way the leader can take control of the situation and restore order among their followers. The...

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