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It was 2001 and 16-year-old Desean Palamalou was about to encounter an event that would change his life forever. Desean wasn’t always a gangster. His brother, Troy, was the leader of street gang on. Unfortunately, when Desean moved in with his father and Troy, his gangster roots took over. Desean faced a constant struggle with bullies at his old school. However, here Desean was living the life. “Leave him alone, he rides with that gang and his brother is the leader.” He heard this as he walked through the hallways at school. He was a made man. Still, Desean could was timid at heart. There were perks for being the brother of the leader of a gang. Desean did not have to be jumped in. He was just part of the gang, but not in spirit. Troy started to buy him new clothes, shoes, and gold. Nevertheless, when Desean was in his room alone, he would do all of his homework and his chores while his brother did nothing. Desean was only in the gang for protection while he pursued his dreams of becoming a musician, but deep down he was starting to enjoy the gang life. Being so innocent, Desean was unaware of the consequences of this life. Troy never told him the dangers, he just needed some soldiers and Desean became one. Mentally afraid, physically unfit, and lacking street smarts, it was simply a matter of time before Desean would be killed. As the months rolled on, things were going well for the gang. They were selling lots of drugs and Desean had recently recorded a mixtape. Desean was very excited, but kept it to himself. On December 11, 2001, the dead of winter, Desean’s father asked him to go to the store for milk. Troy was out running the gang and hardly ever came home for dinner. Desean went to the store plenty of times, but this night would change his life forever. He grabbed his Timberland’s, his coat and his fitted and went into the kitchen to get the money. When he put the money in his pocket, he went back to his room to grab his bandanna. When Desean closed the door the metamorphosis began. He turned his hat, put his bandanna in his back pocket, and cocked his 9mm. He went to the store and bought the items. As he left he saw a fellow gangster and they started talking. After a while they went their separate ways. As Desean reached the corner, he saw an enemy gang. “What do I do!?!" he thought as he stood there frozen in place. By that time the other gang spotted him and started chasing him. Desean dropped the bags and ran back to his friend. When his friend saw him, he darted up into his house. Desean knocked repeatedly, but he wouldn’t open it. Desean started running, breathing hard and crying. He made a right down an alley and hid behind a dumpster. While...

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