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Leaders/Managers Essay

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Leadership is often described as a noble and heroic activity one few can demonstrate and one which focuses on large issues or problems. Leadership is however, also about the day to day, the moment to moment action taken by more ordinary people, be it in their role as managers in organizations, members of a community group or as a citizen on the street or at home. The day-to-day actions someone takes to assist groups face problematic realties, where current knowledge or skills not sufficient for progress to be made are one the building blocks for adaptive change. Such actions or interventions are designed to do one thing to get and hold the attention of those who most need to be involved in the work of change. In this way intervention is a core leadership tool: one that needs to be and can be learned in order for those who choose to ex to do one thing to get and hold the attention of those who most need to be involved in the work of change. In this way intervention is a core leadership tool: one that needs to be and can be learned in order for those who choose to exercise leadership to be most effective. Leaders have very few direct levers to pull when attempting to bring about change and, therefore, the solutions are to be found in community and organizational groups as they work, experiment, and learn and change together.Leader Attributes: Leaders expect unpredictability, seeing it as an opportunity for bold action. They consciously take advantage of the power of relationships, search for solutions that make the whole more than the sum of the parts, and allow for emergent solutions from across the institution. Leaders establish a work culture to access ideas and inspire the energy of the collective. Leaders turn enmeshed and complex relationships into a resource and assign the rigidity and slow-motion speed of organizational charts, policies, and procedures to secondary status.Cultural change is nearly impossible to achieve in a traditional, hierarchical organization. However, developing a collective vision is a process toward building an alignment with people that choose to own the vision. Leaders understand that the vision emerges when people explore for themselves the possibilities in their work in the context of the vision. Any change requires the leader to talk about the vision all the time, every day in every meeting and in every set of remarks. Leaders make decisions from the vision, always using it as the context for the decision to the vision. The actions of the leader show others how to lead from the vision and how to take a stand for it.While the vision inspires people to create and to act in a particular context, values are as important in showing them how to do that. Leaders engage in conversations about what might be possible if procedures are designed in accordance with the values. The values produce remarkable outcomes and changes. However, values can be a negative influence when they are used to judge others. Leaders should not...

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