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“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things” Peter Drucker
The quote above reflects two prominent words; things and right. The interesting thing about the two words in the quote is the arrangement of the two words for the first part have been interchanged to create another unique sentence with the same two words in the second statement. This arrangement gives the two statements two distinct but linked meanings, and this paper seeks to give more meaning to the two parts of the quote through the concepts of ‘Knowing Yourself’, Understanding Others’, ‘Leading with Integrity and Moral Purpose’ and ‘Pragmatic Leadership’.
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It is known everywhere that human beings are a very important resource in life and in business, therefore for a business to reach its aims and goals with as little as possible hitches, management (as a body) should know how to relate in the best way to their workers, to produce best results possible. This can be done by taking time out to observe and know the people they work with, so they can understand them better and help them to their maximum. The diversity of people in a place is basically equal to an abundance of ideas. Knowing and understanding the people you work with also makes it very easy to delegate what to whom. (Insert something from the book).
“The First Ford failed because of his firm conviction that a business did not need managers and management. Ford’s failure was not the result of personality or temperament but, first and foremost, the result of his refusal to accept managers and management as necessary as grounded in task and function rather in “delegation” from the “boss”.” (Cheryl, 2014).
As stated earlier, managers are at the forefront to make sure the organisation is in tune with their goals, and in light of this, some take the pragmatist approach of doing things, relying less on ideas and theories and more on practicality. Such people are sometimes seen by others as authoritarian (where in some cases there is truth in it). Pragmatic management style gives a positive impact is when the person at the hem of affairs takes personal interest, takes steps to acquire the required knowledge then delegates the work. This was how Lee Kwan Yew made a huge difference in Singapore, by taking up the pragmatic management style. He didn’t sit back and think about the many theories he could apply to turn the situation around. “The constant search for solutions would not end. When development intensified even further… he did not give up” (Han, 1998). He got things done by doing things right. --improving operational performance, maximizing revenues, and reducing expenses while increasing artistic production values and audience appreciation.
Leadership is doing the right things –
Kevin Kruse, on Forbes, said that leadership stems from social influence, not authority, and from this influence is an incentive to work toward a goal.

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