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Leadership 101: Band Of Brothers Essay

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The book Band of Brothers talks about Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, also known as “Screaming Eagles” is recognized company, during World War II, for its successful and unsuccessful missions; Operation Overlord, Battle of the Bulge, and Market Garden. This division is vastly decorated; four Presidential Unit Citation, two Valorous Unit Awards, five Meritorious Unit Commendation, Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm and Netherlands Orange Lanyard and twenty-two Medals of Honor Recipients. If it was not for the brave men that volunteered during World War II the 506th Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division would not exist. Among those brave men ...view middle of the document...

While he was there he moved about the other wounded soldier ensuring they were fine. He happened to notice a private that was in his company, Private Albert Blithe. Winters asked, “How’re you doing, Blithe?” Blithe replies, “I can’t see, sir. I can’t see.” Besides belittling Private Blithe for being in the aid station and for being blind, Winters take it easy and calms him down and ensures Pvt. Blithe that he is safe now and will be returning to England. Just talking to Pvt. Blithe and telling him to “take it easy” helped Pvt. Blithe come out of his psychological stressor, which allowed Pvt. Blithe to see again and allowed him to rejoin his company . It takes a true leader to put aside their own wants and needs to help those around them and Second Lieutenant Winters accomplish that just by being a friendly and open hearted leader.
In order to be a leader, one must have people to lead. In order to have people to lead, one must lead by example. To be a successful leader like Richard Winters, you must lead from the front not the rear. A perfect explain when, Winters took out two gun sites, not by his self but from the front. He was the first one in the trench line and was the first one to fire on the gun sites . While conducting an assault on a German machine gun in a t-intersection, his men froze when they started to receive...

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