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2. Existing Leadership Issue & Practices
Many people use the concept of leadership and management synonymously. But what people must know that both of this concept is different from each other. The contrast between leadership and management are leadership is more into creating value, build influence as well as leading people, while management is more into counting value, creating power and managing work (Nayar, 2013). Nowadays, the problem in organisation is that there are too many people doing management and too few providing leadership especially visionary leadership which make the organisation experiences failure to cope with a crisis.

In this section, we will go through a leadership issue and practice in Fast Food industry. When we want to analyse about an organization’s leadership, it is very crucial to go through with their organisation culture. This organisation or work culture is basically about everything that related with the company work system (eg: how the job is being done, whether the company promote autonomy to the employees or even the company regulation or benefit that is offer to their employees such as Work Life Balance). This organisational culture may also lead to a further motivation to the employees as well, when they share a similar culture and value. The organisation culture and motivation that we will mention below show us the current existing leadership practices in the Fast Food Industry.

Corporate Culture:
After doing some further research into a common corporate culture in Fast Food Industry, we found that most of the managers are practicing the managerial leadership style. Managerial leadership is a leadership practice that is more focusing on day to day activities, which also means that they are short term oriented. Basically they just follow the vision and mission of their CEO or top management and try to accomplished it with their subordinates. The managers will follow certain guidelines that has been told to them by their top management such as regular motivation to their employees in order to encourage better job performance; and beside directly giving an order to their employees, they are highly appreciate the employees feedback and suggestion about their decision as they know that a happy employee will also bring them a happy customer where this “happy customers” are very important for a Fast Food industry (Daft, 2008, p.231). Training session also become an important part of Fast Food industry corporate culture, beside making the employees feel more important and valuable, training session also serves to create a similar vision and mission between company and employees itself.

Based on the corporate culture that we have identified above; the manager of Fast Food industry might just practicing managerial leadership which basically means that they only focused to accomplish the task that have been given to them. It is...

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