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When I think of Human Resources, I think of a strong Leadership and according to Merriam Webster dictionary a leader is a first or principal performer of a group. Human Resources managers are leaders within their organization; they organize people and resources in addition to being a backbone of an organization. HRM's are leaders in motivational environments and they are the front line leaders. There are many trends, skills and developments which need to be mastered prior to becoming an effective leader.For example, from web site http://www.motivation-tools.com/workplace/leadership_trends.htm I learned that there are leadership trends which can influence a well being of a company.Company's distinctive personality is a trend which creates the future of the company; it structures the personality and makes an organization unique. Another trend which I found to be very valuable is the self motivating work force where employees are responsible for their own tasks and where management believes and trusts in their employees; that is where the motivation of management comes in, leaders must have coaching skills and set attainable goals for their employees.Southwest Airlines seems to be a popular example, it was founded in 1971 as a low cost regional air carrier, they use decision making which involves workers and management, and Leadership meetings are always taped and presented to employees. Southwest has a laid back environment and low prices, it has been profitable since 1972 and now many of the employees are millionaires. The Airlines is still growing and it is proud of its leadership and employee/manager relationships. This example was used in our last months meeting as well as in this web site http://www.motivation-tools.com/workplace/leadership_trends.htm, I learned a lot from this example, to me this example is a simple way to organize a profitable company with satisfied employees. My organization used this example to identify strong leadership and emphasize on employee/manager relationship and how vital it is to form a healthy relationship in an organization.Also my company encourages leadership innovations, according to http://www.motivation-tools.com/workplace/leadership_trends.htm, leadership innovation is defined when "workers have continuous learning opportunity with decision making responsibility. Employees, with natural talent are quickly recognized and their unique skill is quickly adapted to the organization." From leadership innovations workplace becomes more efficient. My company has action verbs which are built, lead, solve and imagine, it is encouraged by the senior management to attribute to those action verbs to stand out and be unique in the organization. For example, there is open communication with the management and the management listens to the employees concerns and innovations. I learned that it is vital to be imaginative and share your imagination with others to be successful and to be distinctive from someone who just...

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1080 words - 4 pages Gender Studies, 5(1), pp. 23 - 40.Cooper, C.L. & Argyrols, C. 2008, the Concise Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management, Blackwell, Massachusetts. Davis, T. & Landau, M.J. 1999, 'The Trust Deficit', Canadian Manager, 24(1), pp. 10-27.Eagly, A.H. & Johnson, B.T. 2000, 'Gender and leadership style: A meta-analysis', Psychological Bulletin, 108, pp. 233-256Melbourne.Conger, J.A. 2003, 'The brave new world of leadership training', Organizational Dynamics,21(3), pp. 46-58.


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