The 21st Century Leadership And Communication

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Communication of Leaders
Businesses today are becoming progressively diverse in respect to workers and their leaders. As the world advances, the generation of leaders is also changing. New developments and breakthroughs in technology are evolving daily. These elements have potential influence on the generation of the 21st century leaders.
The manner in which today’s children are being raised and educated will affect the outcome of tomorrow’s leaders. Many of our children are learning technologies at an earlier age. We have many luxuries that were rarely available several decades ago. Our parents never used the internet and very seldom would watch television. Today our lives and the companies around us are influenced by these components that shape our lives.
More frequently, businesses are gaining confidence in younger leaders. This may be a result of the younger generation growing up with the technology around them. This generation can easily research a specific item that has been requested of them. For instance, performing a simple Google search can give answers to millions of questions. A young leader can use the technology to their advantage in the ability to provide answers to others.
However, technology may also have an impact on the communication aspect of a great leader. Older generations prefer to use direct communication such as face-to-face or speaking over the telephone. Today, younger generations may expect to use more email, texts, and other communications via technology. A leader may want to request an action item or deliverable from their employees, but sends out an email to request the information. This could be problematic if the email does not encompass specifics.
Communication is key in any organization and can help it in many ways. Effective communication can build confidence and improve morale. Employees that understand what's important to their companies can focus on making improvements and spotting opportunities for innovation that can help further success (Richards, L. n.d.). Despite the age or generation of the leader, it is essential to be open and create a strong team that will support one another so the company will be successful.
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