Leadership And Communication Org 300 Paper

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Leadership and Communication
ORG 300 Applying Leadership Principles
Colorado State University

Leadership and Communication
Being an effective leader requires patience’s and the ability to listen; when a leader takes the time to listen to their followers they have a valuable insight and gather more information from them. Effect leaders also encounter communication barriers and need to know how to confront them and overcome these barriers, to create a positive outcome for their followers. Poor communication can cost a leader much more than just lost of respect from his or hers piers. Listening and knowing how to analyze other, is key to be an effective leader. All leaders must possess these skills in order to be successful, and supported by their followers.
A great leader takes the time to think, who their audience is. When recognizing individual differences such as their experiences, knowledge, age, culture, skills, and gender it helps a leader connect with his or her audience. Every successful leader knows the value of mastering these skills, and how it helps them when it is applied to their work and personal life. “An important aspect of communication is the ability to listen” (Chron). A leader needs to have the ability to connect with their followers. Being able to listen to how they feel, and being considerate to those feelings is essential in the business world. By listening to your followers they feel more comfortable communicating with you, and coming to you if they have a problem. When listening to people wants and needs it makes them feel like part of the team, and they are more inclined to work harder and to reach company goals. It is very important to listen and understand other people’s wants and needs.
Communication is essential in order to be a successful leader. “Leadership communication is defined as inspiring and encouraging an individual or group by systematic and meaningful sharing of information by excellent communication skills” (Luthra & Daniya, 2015). Inspiring employees through communication is the first step to building trust. In business trust is another key factor to take into consideration.”By sharing essential information with employees, leaders can develop a culture of trust and can easily build associations with employees and other business channels that facilitate organization to grow more rapidly” (Lutra & Daniya, 2015). Trust is essential, because with trust people have capability to do great things. The more trust your employees have, the more they will do for you. This is why trust is considered a key factor in communication.
Being patience is another great skill to posses when being a leader. You have to have the patience to sit and listen to each individual, without interrupting. Even when you don’t agree with that person you need to be able to wait and hear them out. Sometimes this can be very difficult, but it is essential in order to a be a successful leader. Being patient will also help you...

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