Leadership And Communication Scenario Org300 Leadership Principles. Csu Global Essay

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Option #1: Setting and Achieving Goals Paper 1
Option #1: Setting and Achieving Goals Paper
Whitney Kingston
ORG300 Applying Leadership Principles
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Barbara- Leigh Tonelli
October 6th, 2017
Option #1: Setting and Achieving Goals Paper 2
Option #1: Setting and Achieving Goals Paper
Preparing and implementing a well thought out plan is crucial if an organization wants to
meet identified goals. Successful achievement of goals depends on a thoroughly thought out
plan. To help navigate the organizations leaders, supervisors and mid-level managers, the plan
should be open to the entire organizations community; not just the CEO or major players. As
change often produces resistance, if not broken down, resistance can cause the plan to fail. There
are two major types of planning; strategic planning and tactical planning. Both of these types of
planning differ relating to their time frame, scope and known set objectives or goals (Simerson,
2011). Despite their differences, the same methods, tools and considerations can be applied to
both types of planning.
Importance of Planning
As economic times change, businesses will have to change as well. Setting goals during
these changes are crucial to ensure an organization is reaching their customers and living out its
mission or vision. Successfully completing organizations set goals depends on a designed, well
thought out road map or plan. Effective leadership must be engaged to drive this new vision or
direction. Reaching an organizations goals is dependent on having support from all leaders, top,
down. With all leaders inspired by this new vision or direction, the leader will inspire all other
staff. This will create an environment nonresistant to hard work ahead and changes that will be
implemented. In order to implement these goals and changes, a formal plan should be formed.
According to Barnat (n.d.), “a plan is a written document that specifies the course of action the
organization will take”.
Option #1: Setting and Achieving Goals Paper 3
Types of Planning
When starting the planning process in order to achieve goals, the scope, time frame and
objectives must be taken into consideration. These considerations will determine which type of
planning process will be utilized There are two different types of effective planning. Strategic
planning and tactical planning are used to achieve organizational goals. Even though these are
two different planning types, they use the same methods and tools to accomplish goals.
According to Simerson (2011), “both involve strategy, formulation and execution”.
Strategic and Tactical Planning Differences. Strategic and tactical planning both
benefit from the same effective tools and methods. However, the scope, timeframe and
objectives for each type of planning are different. Tactical planning is utilized when setting goals
to change a specific unit or division of an organization. These changes can be...

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