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Leadership and Culture Analysis PaperLuz D. GuardadoMGT/449Tony BalchunasJanuary 7, 2008Leading is creating the course and controlling people to go after that way. Though, there are many disparities and diverse regions of importance to the definition as above. Professionals declare that whether one is an administrative or an entry-level worker in the society is critical to have sturdy leadership talent.Leadership in organizations has a diverse and significant meaning. A leader is an important person whom sets direction in an effort and persuades others to follow that course. How leaders set that course and persuade others depends on mixture of reasons.Leaders bring out their functions in an open diversity of styles, e.g., participatory, laissez-faire (hands off), autocratic, democratic. Frequently, a style of leadership is decided depending on circumstances, counting the life cycle of the organization (Goodworth, p. 10). At Lake County Health Department, the Case Management Program (CMP), our laissez-faire leadership style has been effective, in which, management drills little manage over her grouping, leaving the group to arrange roles and to l with their job, without joining in the procedure.Once more, the Laissez-Faire approach can be effective depending on the situation. The Laissez-Faire technique is proper when the teams are high motivated and capable people, and have produced outstanding work. When the leader has well-known that style, the team is convinced, capable and motivated, is good to step back and let the teamwork on their task. Often, interfering with the team can generate anger and detract from their efficiency. A leader can empower his group to achieve their goals by handing over ownership.Researchers have put together some assumptions to make clear how a leader's style or performance is connected to his or her efficiency. Most of these assumptions are that leaders do two major purposes-- achieving the mission and fulfilling the desires of teammates. The task-oriented purposes of a leader are to make clear what job needs to be completed and to induce the group to center on their jobs. The social or people-oriented function of a leader is to decrease tension, make the job more pleasant, increase morale, and shape up and defend the values, attitudes, and beliefs of the group (Dessler, p. 177).Hence, our management team incorporated the different styles or behaviors of the diversity among our employees, which has increased the effectiveness of our vision on how management should operate within our organizational structure. Since CMP practice laissez-faire leadership at our company, the values of each employee's leadership qualities are perceived as asset in our development of a healthy organizational culture.The leadership style can influence the...

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