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Leadership And Direction Essay

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Socrates said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” (Socrates). If by starting out with Socrates words in mind then people go can in with a clean slate and open mind to the project ahead of them. It will also help leaders and team members alike to ask themselves how asking questions impacts the success of a project. However, asking questions alone isn’t enough; depending upon the project and your role certain questions need to be asked. Also, once the questions start flowing how leaders or a team member know that all the right questions have asked, in a sense crossing your “t” and dotting your “i”.
Impact of Questions on Success of Projects
Let’s look at how asking questions impact the success of project. By team members asking questions it says two things. First it says the team members are actually paying attention and interested. The second indicates that the team members want to do what is asked of them. Questions asked by team members helps to clarify any unknown factor, confusion over the directions, and about possible limitations that may be placed on the group. Also, questions can cause good conflict that can lead to great ideas. Even before the team starts the project, asking questions like who, what when, where, and why can help improve the success of the project. By asking the five w’s it can help eliminate obstacles and help ensure the proper supplies are ready for the team members (Clark 2013).
Types of Questions
As a leader it is critical to ask yourself a few questions before a project goes to a team. First clear defined lines, goals, and limitations need to be set forth. This will let the team know the boundaries and limitations and what the team members are expected to achieve. Another question, have I, the leader, provided all available resources and tools necessary to be successful. Have the right people been chosen? These are just a few but can be continued with who, what, when, where, and why to try and cover all bases.
In an article in Gallup Business Journal online it presented five questions that need to be asked of your team. The questions are: “1. How do we define “materials and equipment” for our team? 2. With each item defined what would the ideal look like for each item? 3. What is the difference between where we are now and that ideal? 4. As we think about our action plan, which items have the greatest impact on our culture or performance? 5. What is every person on the team willing to do...

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