Leadership And Diviersity In The Nature Of Work

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Leadership is the process in which one person support others to attain a desirable common goal, in other words a leader is the one who directs others. According to Northouse “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”Northouse(2004).
In this task I am appointed as a business manager of Venture health care centre which faces lots of complaints for its poor performance regarding medical services from past 2 years. In this essay I choose to discuss about one issue related to the high level of staff dissatisfaction, absenteeism and turnover.
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With respect to above written reasons a good leader should have a various leadership characteristics to solve out the problems, but in this essay I am going to discuss four main characteristics- Flexible a good leader always be ready to adapt new surroundings and situations and doing his or her best to adjust into it and make clear observation about the present condition, afterwards leader should make flexible, adaptable and comfortable situation so that workers can easily fit themselves into it. Good communication- two way communications is the best method to communicate with employees and to the manager so that they can share their views ideas and decisions with each other clearly. Manager should also deal with their personal issues if those factors affect their working performance if it is not so then the employees feel separated from their company. Confident manager should always be confident while making decisions if manager is always confident then other people will be too. Manager should always ready to take risk. Motivator manager should encourage their employees to do work hard and motivate towards the goal in right direction and appreciate them for every work rather than criticize. Sense of humor manager should have a good sense of humor and well known how to handle the situation with patience he or she will never be panic while making decisions and consulting with other team members. Make clear and concise decisions after evaluating each and every situation carefully.

To sought out these all problems there are various methods and strategies which are helpful to resolve all these problems. These strategies are following-
The factor with extra workload is main reason for high staff dissatisfaction, absenteeism and turnover. To solve this problem as a manager I will distribute the duties between the team members so that they all feel comfortable to do their work without any conflict and stress. So that they can work efficiently. Effective communication is one of the most important parts of a good manager’s job. As a manager I will communicate well with my employees to share goals, so that employees can work together to meet the common goal which leads to good performance and saves the company from gutter. I will also fix the meetings periodically with employees to give positive or negative feedback. Positive feedback is one of the best methods to encourage the employee towards work. Delegation of duties according to their abilities and interest creates an interest towards that particular task. Trust is also one of the major things to get to know the any kind of problems of employees whether it is related to salary, personal problem. Without trust company cannot work properly. By using this strategy I can build the employees trust which ultimately leads to good performance and higher profit for all.

According to the transformational theory of leadership, Burns (1978), defined as it is a process where leaders and followers come...

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