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Leadership And Event Planning Essay

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Most people think the whole point of event planning, after all, is to plan an event and that’s it. But there is more to event planning than what most people think. We live in a world where crisis happens often, people only think of weather disasters and news reports, such as, hurricanes, tornados, earth quakes, shootings, kidnappings, terrorist’s attacks, plane crashes, etc. But most people do not acknowledge crisis in organizations, whether it is profit or non-profit companies, crisis happens more often than expected. Luckily, there are many of these organizations and companies that respond quickly when a crisis emerges. However, this is not always the case, but as an event planner there ...view middle of the document...

Above all, a good event person is a good manager” (Devney, 2001). Indicating, in a crisis event that event planners must act as crisis managers as well. Events move at fast speed and leaders are required to make sudden smart decisions that will affect a positive outcome for the organization. “Crisis management may be the most demanding task of leadership” (Hackman & Johnson, 2009).
A crisis is any major unpredictable event that has the potential to damage an organization “There is no universally accepted list of all potential crises. However, a number of investigators divide crisis into types” (Pauchant, T.C., & Mitroff, 1992). These researchers report that crises generally fall into the categories, with this, there are different crisis types, but specifically, a professional event planner falls into the following categories for crisis types:
1.) Economic: finances play a huge role in planning special events. “Some planners have an annual budget allocation that includes seed money to invest in events that aim to be self-supporting or to underwrite part of the cost of certain events. More often than not, events are run on a no-budget basis, a concept that every planner is familiar with” (Harris, 2005). While this being the case for some event planners, a smart approach would be to borrow equipment and supplies, make decorations, and ask for donations or sponsors, by allowing them free advertising at the special event; this creates a win-win approach for both parties. Last, event planners should be able to build a budget proposal based on research by estimating costs of each event. “Include, facilities, equipment, security, entertainment, decorations, invitations and program printing, postage, food, extra help, speakers’ fees, travel expenses, and liquor or wine”(Harris, 2005). While doing this, don’t just guess on estimates, call and research each item or service.
2.) Informational: can be described as “loss of proprietary and confidential information; false information; computer tampering” (Hackman & Johnson, 5th edition). Informational relates to “Planners today are at risk for liability lawsuits stemming from the events they plan. You can be held liable for financial losses resulting from everything from entertainers who don’t perform as advertised to claims resulting from property damage and personal injury” (Harris, 2005). This can result in not only hurting the reputation for the professional event planner and special event but also creating a possible lawsuit. To avoid this, event planners should make several separate contracts for vendors, suppliers, musicians, etc that have all agreements in writing. Also, “require vendors, suppliers, musicians, and people who rent or use your facility to have adequate liability insurance that also extends protection to your institution. Request a copy of the policy” (Harris, 2005).
Also, the banquet event order contract serves as the event blueprint and every staff member will take directions from....

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