Leadership And Management At The Coca Cola Company

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Leadership and Management at the Coca Cola Company

Business is an economic institution whose goal is economic
Survival and whose activities are dominated by the profit motive.
Its primary purpose is to create and satisfy a customer and make a
profit. To achieve this purpose, business must be skilfully managed.

Management is defined as the art of conducting and supervising a
business or as using judgment in business affairs. A manager is one
who actively directs, controls and manipulates his or her business
environment in a manner that takes account of the risks involved in
order to realize monetary gain.

Successful business leaders have stressed that good management skills,
whether in a large corporation or in a one-person business, are vital
to the success of a business. Many small business people may be good
at launching their venture, but weak in managing the development and
later stages of the business.


Leadership is just one of the many assets a successful manager must
possess. Care must be taken in distinguishing between the two
concepts. The main aim of a manager is to maximise the output of the
organisation through administrative implementation. To achieve this,
managers must undertake the following functions:

* Organisation
* Planning
* Staffing
* Directing
* Controlling

Leadership is just one important component of the directing function.
A manager cannot just be a leader; he also needs formal authority to
be effective. In some circumstances, leadership is not required. For
example, self-motivated groups may not require a single leader and may
find leaders dominating. The fact that a leader is not always required
proves that leadership is just an asset and is not essential.

The Leader Is Followed. The Manager Rules

A leader is someone who people naturally follow through their own
choice, whereas a manager must be obeyed. A manager may only have
obtained his position of authority through time and loyalty given to
the company, not as a result of his leadership qualities. A leader may
have no organisational skills, but his vision unites people behind

Managing and leading are two different ways of organising people. The
manager uses a formal, rational method whilst the leader uses passion
and stirs emotions.

How Leading differs from Managing

Here are some major comparisons of how leading and managing differ:



Creating a clear and compelling vision of the future, which may look
altogether different from today

Facing current reality, and taking actions to deal with immediate
issues, challenges and obstacles to daily performance

Making major change happen. Achieving breakthroughs in performance,
and sometimes 'breakaway' performance, such as entering new markets,
acquiring much different types of customers, or even committing to an
entirely new mission

Controlling things,...

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