Leadership And Management Defined Fundamentals Of Leadership Assignment

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Leadership and Management Defined
Kristen Boyer
Capella University
November 19, 2017
Leadership and Management
Does leadership imply management? Are managers leaders? Do leaders manage? Is there a difference between the two terms or are they interchangeable? Society can confuse the two labels, as their differences are not always apparent. Professionals, investigators, and entrepreneurs claim leadership is not a term meant to describe those in authority but is an attitude, behavior, and way of life that encourages others to emulate (Kruse, 2013). Defining leadership and management should clarify the author’s understanding, the importance of knowing the distinction, as well as highlight the differences between them.
My Definition of Leadership
Leadership is an ability, behavior, and attention to detail which inspires others to act. If one asks what leadership is, the answers likely differ depending on whom is asked. Some associate specific qualities or characteristics with leaders, but researchers have yet to prove the existence of set personality traits in the leaders of the world (Kruse, 2013). Instead, investigations into leadership suggest it involves the forging of influential and empowering relationships that encourage others to work towards and achieve goals (Kruse, 2013; Krouzes & Posner, 2012). Therefore, one can conclude leadership is a behavior, attitude, and relationship which inspires admiration and emulation from followers, not an entitlement that accompanies a position of power.
Importance and Understanding of Leadership
Like anything else in life, to efficiently accomplish a goal or task, one must generate a plan of action; leadership is no different. Effective leaders consider their values, the reasons for making one choice over another, and how their influence can affect goal acquisition and followers’ actions (Mertz, 2014). If one cannot identify what a leader is, or the qualities they emit, one cannot test their theories and make the necessary adjustments when something does not work (Mertz, 2014). Since the goal is to behave in such a way that encourages others to do and be better, leaders must consider how their behavior, attitude, and treatment of others impact their ability to lead.
My Definition of Management
Management, as the term implies, is a delegation process that requires one to plan for the acquisition of organizational goals, organize employees in a manner that promotes consistency and efficiency, motivate rule compliance, and set standards that increase productivity. Managers focus on the returns of efforts; they plan to utilize resources and employees to achieve company goals in the most cost-effective way (McCrimmon, 2017). In other words, they concentrate on managing or controlling the resources at their disposal while ensuring their efforts align with sound leadership practices.
Differences Between Leadership...

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