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The reason for writing this essay is to critically reflect my approach towards leadership and management. Strong leadership profile from my work environment will be explained and analyzed. The story of leadership will be based on transformational theory as this is the most relevant and appropriate leadership theory that was used to achieve the most productive outcome from the workplace. Also leadership and management theory will be critically analyzed and areas of future development will be identified and outlined.

Leadership is leading others by making sound decisions, taking action and guiding others to achieve desired outcomes. Management is an involved process of showing guidelines ...view middle of the document...

Two male patients were frequently sent to emergency department due to blocked catheters. This mostly occurred at night. Not only did it affect the patients, but it affected the families, which was compounded by the stress and trauma of waiting in a busy emergency department. Empathy and desire to provide quality care to this patient, I had a vision to change things. Next step was to inspire, motive, engage people in shaping this vision together. As a leader one has to understand there will be different levels of commitment to this vision. Leaders should be aware that education process should strive building the highest level of commitment from the team. One must also understand the culture change in nursing home and how it will influence this vision. Vision comes alive when people see that their contribution do make difference. As a leader to bring out deep meaningful change it does take more time and effort to consider their ideas and solutions. Leaders are supposed to build spirited teams and actively to involve others in order to build strengthen and connect to make a team
“Transformation is about creating and sharing a vision. Transformational leadership is maintained momentum and empowering others (kakabadse & kakabadse) 1999 p43
To get people involved one has to share the vision and determine to discover common values and goals. In leadership role it is important to have a few simple guidelines and let people establish their own rules. Creating a safe place, warmth and opportunity to be in the spotlight creates a climate for involvement. A round table meeting was organized and all nurses attended this meeting. All nurses had clinical input and a chance to evaluate together on how these patients quality care can be improved. All nurses had made collective decisions recommended to achieve competency and skills update in catheter care. Structure dates and training was worked out. Also this inspiring vision was communicated to other support network....

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