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Leadership And Motivation Essay

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Leadership styles:
Describe situations in which you needed to use different leadership styles.
McGregor’s X and Y Theory:
X and Y theory by Douglas McGregor explains the two contrasting theories of human motivation and management. Theory Y is about the basis of good management practices while the Theory X is about the Type organization seemed to believe.
This is more appropriate for understanding team member motivation. This deals with how the manager’s perception of what motivates his team member and affects the way he behaves. Thus, assumptions about employee motivation can influence the management style and adapt to the appropriate approach to manage people ...view middle of the document...

Thus, it helps to consider the local relevant factors from the manager’s interpretation.
Through this model John Adair took credit that leadership can be trainable and transferable skill.
This style works with achieving the task, developing the team and developing individuals, where all these three elements were mutually dependent and these elements were also essential to the overall leadership role.
As John Adair points out that there are some core functions of leadership were vital for the Action Centered Leadership model are mentioned below
• Planning – Seek information, define tasks and set goals
• Initiating – Briefing, allocate tasks and set standards
• Controlling – To maintain standards, ensure progress and ongoing decision making
• Supporting – Individual contributions, encouragement, team spirt, morale, integration
• Informing – Clarify tasks and plans, update and receive feedback and interpret
• Evaluating – feasibility of ideas, performance and enabling self assessment
Therefore, now we can say that this Action Centered Leadership is a part of an integrated approach to manage and lead and these principles can be applied through training.
Style most appropriate
Explain how you decided which styles would be most appropriate.
According to the nature of my work, and my experience taught me that it is not right to select one style of leadership and implement it. According to the situation, it is necessary to be flexible in selecting and implementing the style of leadership.
Anyway, at this point I may select Adair’s and McGregor Theory X and Theory Y to be appropriate. Because, Action Centered Leadership by Adair’s has all the necessary components which I should focus at present, that it, tasks to be achieved, managing the team as well as managing the individuals.
By considering the McGregor Theory X and Theory Y, I can understand the wide spectrum of behaviour and it is also necessary to maintain the motivational energy, for this the Theory Y will be supportive, as we know it also has its bases from the Maslow’s Motivational theory.
Here when the organization considers the Theory Y, we can say it is trying to create a symbiotic relationship between the managers and works, because it resembles to the Self Acutualization and Esteem of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. To be self actualized, the managers should promote the optimum work environment through morality, spontaneity, creativity, not biased or prejudiced, problem solving and accepting the facts. And when saying esteem, it is promoting self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect by others and respect of others.
Positive effects of using the selected styles of leadership
Describe the positive effects of using the selected styles of leadership.
The positive effects of the above mentioned leadership style ensures that as a manager I should Plan, Initiate, Control, Support, Inform and Evaluate. All these make me to understand the individuals and manage them effectively as an...

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