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Leadership And Organizational Change Concepts Worksheet

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Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept in ReadingNon-technological catalysts for changeDue to emerging global shifts after September 11, 2001, Intersect Investment (like other companies in the financial services industry) has struggled to maintain their financial status on Wall Street. To meet this end, they have decided to implement changes within the organization in order to provide additional products and services while creating trusting customer relationships that are long-term.The attack on September 11, 2001 was a non-technological catalyst that lead to the changes in climate for Intersect Investment.Cues for organizational change can come from numerous sources both within and outside of the company. They come from non-technology based external sources such as your competitors, the marketplace, demographic changes, and social issues. Things such as management style can also signal a need for change. It is important that a company's internal environment aligns with external factors. For example, Kreitner & Kinicki states that, "The emergence of a global economy is forcing companies to change the way they do business," (2003, p. 674). An example is given that, "Many Japanese companies are having to discontinue their jobs-for-life philosophy because of increased international competition, and Chinese companies increasingly are adopting an international mind-set," (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2003, p. 674).Skills and competencies of an effective leaderIn the simulation, Technology Development was the strongest department because the leadership was participative and encouraged employee innovation. However, Sales and Delivery was the weakest department because there was weak leadership. Within this department, there was a multi-team structure and tasks were harder to perform. Additionally, the different team leaders within the department did not coordinate well.The skills and competencies shown within the Technology Department resulted in an effective leader, while the weakness shown by the leadership in Sales and Delivery filtered down to the team leaders, and ultimately to the workers in the department. McShane & Von Glinow describes leadership as, "… the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members," (p.416, 2004). In order to effectively lead, certain characteristics such as emotional intelligence, integrity, drive, leadership motivation, self-confidence, intelligence, and business knowledge, are needed.Theories of leadershipPrior to implementing product changes within it's portfolio, the leadership within CrysTel determines that it would be best to view how this will impact the entire organization. In this endeavor, Morgan Trevannon, CEO, hires consultants to ascertain whether his company can cope with these changes.By viewing the readiness within the organization, CrysTel's CEO utilized...

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