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Leadership Application 2014 Essay

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1a. Describe what you feel is the “job” of a member of Leadership.

Like any other job, leadership requires control, organization, and hard work. A leader's job is to serve. He must serve those in higher positions than he; he follows their rules, and he helps them when called upon. A leader must also serve those below him. His job is to make them feel happy, comfortable, and respected. At times these two servile positions conflict. Therefore, a leader must also be quick-thinking and flexible.
The leader's main job is to serve, but he needs certain attributes to obtain this goal. His job, then, is to be communicative. He must be open to talk to others about flaws they find in his methods ...view middle of the document...

In another sense, a leader should be honest when he is at fault for a mistake. Just because he is in a leadership position does not mean that he cannot make mistakes, after all.
A leader's job is also to act as a link between staff to student. In order to do this, the leader must understand that those he is leading are his peers. He must understand them, listen to them, and communicate with them. This gives a leader the required sense of humility that is needed for a leadership position.
A leader's job is to be humble. Others may feel disrespected if power is abused or if a leader brags their position to others. However, a leader cannot have too much humility. Disciplinary action must be taken every once in a while, and if a leader is too humble, he can forget to be assertive and will not be taken seriously when he gives an order, whether that order be disciplinary or not. A leader cannot be too confident or too humble, so another job for the leader is to find equilibrium.
Balance is an important part of leadership. A leader must find a sense of stability between all opposing values of a leader. For example, he must find harmony between humility and assertiveness of power in order to gain respect. A leader should find balance between pleasing individuals and making the band better as a whole. Balance is a key quality in leadership.
A leader is a role model. He should lead both by telling and by doing. A leader practices what he preaches. Otherwise, he will be viewed as hypocritical and will lose respect. He should be hard-working and devoted; he should help others when asked. He should be exceptional at his job in order to impress upon younger students what it means to be a good band member.
A leader's job is not to give orders and expect results, only to deal punishment when the goals are not reached. A leader's job is to give orders, encourage improvement, and deal discipline only when a rule is broken.
A leader has many jobs. Overall, his position is to serve those above and below him, but it takes a wide variety of skills to maintain this position while meeting job requirements, such as fairness and amiability. This skill set helps him maintain the band and relationships with individuals.

1b. Why do you want to be in Leadership?

The ability to lead is a helpful quality to have. It serves great purpose in everyday situations, and it can help with the future. Extracurricular activities have a crucial place in college applications; a leadership position would open more options into colleges for a student than other extracurricular activities would. Furthermore, prior leadership experience can help boost chances of getting a job or promotion.
The reason that I want to be in leadership is to help others. Helping others is a passion of mine. It gives me a feeling of purpose and fulfillment. With a position in leadership, it is easier to be helpful within the band. I also have a love...

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