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Leadership Behavior In The Workplace Essay

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Not all leaders exhibit negative leadership behavior. However, a bad leader is one who does not have the necessary skills to lead a group or a team. They can have a bad attitude, poor communication skills, and/or bad judgment. Their actions make their group or team feel disorganized, demoralized, and make them feel that their efforts are unrecognized. Eventually, their subordinates will perform poorly and become under achievers in their work or personal lives.
Negative Leadership Behavior
I never realized how bad a leader could be until I went to my first leadership development training back in 2005. A few years back, I worked for a dealership and there I met the terminator. One of the ...view middle of the document...

The manager made a choice to quit during his 30-day probation period since he was not accomplishing the task that was required of him. Soon after, the general manager hired a female manager with a transformational leadership style that complimented the company’s goals.
Analysis of the Leader’s Behavior
Personally, I believe that having an authoritative leadership style only applies to military, construction, and manufacturing due to the tight control of the organization. The fear tactics, threats, the lack of productivity and low customer satisfaction was all due to some lack of leadership skills. The autocratic leader normally do not need much leadership skills due to its bureaucratic environment. Each organization needs a different type of leader that can perform duties, follow policies, procedures according to company’s standard and mission. In the end, the manager showed his true colors when he quit during his 30-day probation period. Showing that he did not have what it took to be a transformational leader in order to better guide his team.
The research of negative behavior. In any sizeable organization, authoritarian or autocratic leadership inevitably results in bureaucratic functioning with all the chaos, waste, and low productivity associated with such regimes. The stress of working against human nature in an authoritarian regime also makes the bureaucratic environment essentially dehumanizing (Team Business, 2013). Having this type of leadership sounds a bit harsh but it is a leadership style that can work in the appropriate atmosphere. The key is to know your leadership style and find a career that compliments that in order for you and the organization to be successful.
Strengthening Leadership Behavior. According to a new study by the Center for Public Leadership, at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and U.S. News and World Report, 70% of Americans think that our country is in a leadership crisis. Public confidence in leadership within the education, religion, and business sectors is low and getting lower (Leading Effectively, 2014). With that said, it is important for people to seek leadership training for those that want to be managers, mentors, coaches, and leaders within an...

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