Leadership Challenges For The Future: Transformational Leadership To Address Change

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Leadership Challenges for the Future
In this paper, I will inform you about issues in globalization, power, followership and cultural change in the perspective of a health leader. I will identify three major health issues that are global but has the potential to affect the United States health care system. I will describe these global health issues influence health leaders. I will relate global leadership with transformational leadership. I will illuminate three elements of cultural and diversity within health care organizations. You will find a table of cultural attributes to be made aware of. I will categorize the differences in global leadership according to power, technology, and knowledge management and will explain two leadership approaches for implementing change.
Issues in Globalization
The globalization of trade is predominantly relevant for health services that have become a commodity that can be traded in distinct ways. Primarily, health services can be provided across countries. Examples of this include a range of telemedicine tools like tele-diagnostics and tele-radiology as well as medical consultation through traditional and electronic methods. Secondly, patients can travel overseas/abroad to obtain health care or use certain facilities available elsewhere (Pang, 2004).
Power is a leader’s capacity to influence another person or a group of people as well as an organization particular value, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors to mimic their own. Using power to influence these change behavior of often proven to be less difficult than it is to change to beliefs and values. Every health organization has a foundation of values and a belief system. These most often focus on the relationship of the provider and the patient or giving optimal patient care. Increased globalization can loosen the attachments and open up new possibilities to the society (Ledlow & Coppola, 2014).
The current context of work, leadership, and followership is positioned in progressively multifaceted, uncertain, and dynamic business backgrounds with multiple realities founded upon various values, priorities, and requirements. The actual encounters demanded by globalization, amplified competition, far-reaching sociocultural and technological growths, and the acceleration of changes that are conveying new intricacies for organizations (Küpers, 2007).
The best method to understand how a health leader can be a great follower is to understand your expectations for why you are regarding followership. Followership requires leadership; they both have many of the same attributes pertaining to followership except that the leader sets the agenda while the follower is in the work environment. Being a great health follower is good to be a great leader (Ledlow & Coppola, 2014).
Cultural Change
Health leaders can use different strategies to create a culture for change in the health organization. A health transformation leader would have to be able to...

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