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Leadership Challenges In The Multicultural Workplace

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Leadership Challenge in the multi cultural workplace may benefit from being managed by helping people to manage changes in terms of personal development or leadership role changes within organizations. Leaders may get caught the needs of globalization and cultural characteristics by using different practices and styles of leadership.
Leadership describes a process that uses social influence to allow and pursue contribution of subordinates in an effort to reach common organizational goal. The leadership challenge can describe how leaders organize others to make amazing things happen in organizations. Leaders may overcome the challenges in the multicultural workplace through transformation of values into actions, vision into realities, obstacles into innovations, and risk into rewards.
Hollander (1985) defined leadership as the process of influence between a leader and followers to attain group, organizational, or societal groups. Some leaders are innate, however now a days most of the leaders develop himself/herself by education. Education system takes a great place to develop leadership quality in context of globalization. “Students are now consumers who define quality education from a global perspective” (Drucker, 1995). Current education system has been changed in Asia basically in Thailand to create more efficient and effective leaders. There are lots of multinational and international organizations that are operating their businesses all over the world. Because of globalization cross-cultural workplaces has become a challenge for the organization. The culture of multinational or international organization has shared by the members of the organization. The individual level, the intra-organizational level and the inter-organizational levels are the three levels of contrast for cross-cultural organization. (Rhein, 2013)

There are three aspects need to be analyzed complexity, formalization and centralization within an organization. Complexity is largely shown on flat organization, where organizations generate differentiation of tasks, duties and activities. Formalization and centralization are mostly seen on hierarchical organization. Formalization is focused on rules and structure on the other hand centralization focused on top management in terms of decision making. Values, beliefs or ethics are varies from country to country and culture to culture. Different culture appreciates and priorities different leadership style and approach. It is more difficult for a leader to influence the followers in cross-cultural workplace. There are two types of leadership behaviors such as individualism and collectivism. The leadership behavior in the east will not be same in the west. In many western organizations individualism leadership behavior has been followed. In the west, there is a sharp boundary between work and personal life. Therefore, leaders are not concerned about one’s personal life. However most of the eastern organization practices...

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