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Talent Management Initiative
Areas of learning and development this writer would emphasize in a talent management initiative would include decision making, analytical thinking, adaptation, paradigms, diversity, creativity, conflict resolution, and writing and communication skills. In organizations today one size does not fit all and it is critical to align the talent management initiatives with recognizing the risings stars ability, engagement and aspirations (Martin and Schmidt, 2010). Organizations don’t want to waste valuable time and resources on those who don’t have the personal connection and commitment to the organization. According to Martin and Schmidt (2010), “70% of today’s high performers lack critical attributes essential to their success in future roles” (p.57).
Silzer & Dowell (2010) distinguishes the difference in replacement planning and succession management. The talent management initiative should include the purposeful development of an identified person or persons (succession management). Organizations should be proactive when recognizing their rising stars and include what is needed for them to meet the demands of the position.
Leaders vs Non Leader Development
Behaviors are the key to learning and more effective people management strategies will increase production and productivity ( Huselid, 1995: Pfeffer and Veiga, 1999). Organizations must incorporate more than one style to address behavior changes within people; one essential key for change to take place is in knowing yourself and your staff.
The emphasis for the development of non leaders would be the same as it is for leaders because culture and leadership are the same. The behavior of leaders generates and strengthens the beliefs of the organization (Silzer, & Dowell, 2010). Non leaders are essential to the development and growth of an organization as much as leaders are important. Non leaders can also be top performers or rising stars because of their ability, engagement and aspirations.
Which brings to mind, a great example, something I heard of channel 8 news the other night, the assignment of a women as the CEO of General Motors (GM). Mary Barra, who started working for GM 33 years ago on the assembly line. Talk about behavior, motivation, self efficacy...

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