Leadership Development At Afrox And Atlas Copco Sa

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Table of ContentsExecutive Summary31.0Introduction42.0Leadership Defined42.1Leadership and Organisational Performance52.2The Leader and the Context62.3Leadership and followers72.4The Leadership Agenda73.0Leadership Development93.1The South African Context114.0Methodology115.0Leadership Development at Atlas Copco SA125.1Leadership at Atlas Copco SA125.2Challenges facing Leadership at Atlas Copco SA135.3Atlas Copco's Strategic Objectives145.4Leadership Development Programme Strategy for Atlas Copco155.4.1Programme Objectives155.4.2Programme Content155.4.3Programme Development165.4.4Programme Delivery175.4.5Participants175.4.6Evaluation176.0Leadership Development at Afrox186.1Organisational Culture at Afrox186.2Leadership Theory Underpinning Development186.3Identification of Leaders196.4Linkage between Business Objectives / Strategies and Leadership Development196.5The Integrative Program196.6The Front-line Management Program206.7Management Development in Afrox216.8'I Lead' - Leadership Development in Afrox217.0Critical analysis of the Afrox leadership and development approach227.1Strategic imperatives237.1.1Driven from the top with specialist support237.1.2Leadership development supports and drives the business237.1.3Consideration of leadership concept, cultural differences and different development approaches237.2Strategic Choices247.2.1Articulated framework for career and management development247.2.2Varied degree of formal vs. informal development activity247.2.3Growing your own vs. senior leadership talent247.2.4Considered use of Business schools and other external sources247.2.5Leaders and managers; the value of competency framework, capabilities and performance management257.2.6Retention and reward strategies257.3Evaluation257.3.1Evaluation principle: An explicit and shared approach to evaluation268.0Conclusion269.0References26Executive SummaryThis report contains the critical analysis of the leadership development programmes in two diverse organisations and compares them to a theoretical best practises model. In the case of Atlas Copco, where there is no formal programme, a management and leadership development programme was recommended based on the principles of the above model taking into account the African context and the relevant situational factors. In the case of Afrox, who has a well developed formal programme, it was found that the principles underlying leadership development were congruent with the best practise model. It was also found that, in general, companies are embracing the idea of leadership development as a pathway to building leadership capacity in individuals and to facilitate organisational change aimed at creating and sustaining competitive advantage. No model was found to truly depict Africanism in its broadest context but the model chosen was found to be flexible enough to be adapted to suit the African context.1.0IntroductionLeadership has been studied since the emergence of civilization. One important reason for...

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