Leadership Development Plan Activities Essay

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Leadership Development Plan Activities
I have summarized the list of topics I have learned and activities performed based on my leadership development plan for the development of my leadership qualities, characteristics and skills in the areas of time management, self-control and innovating new ideas. I have explained below that how these learning activities will be helpful for my career in the future and also in my personal life as well.
Time Management:
I learnt that time management acts as a tool to reduce stress at the workplace and in one’s personal life. Effective time management deals with goal setting, prioritization, managing interruptions, procrastination and scheduling.
In order to effectively manage the time, I should know how I spend my time. I maintained a time log recording the activities for every thirty minutes for a week and evaluated the results by asking myself if I did everything that was needed. I determined the task that required more time and time of the day I was more productive and analyzed where most of my time was devoted, identifying these helped me determine to plan realistically and estimate how much time is available for other activities.
The time management matrix helped me identify the task that has high priority. A “to do” list is also helpful in maintaining the tasks marked with priorities and execute those. Personal planning tools like electronic planners freed my mind to focus on my priorities. I kept things organized and scheduled my time appropriately using time log and was committed to the things I want to do. I planned to take most challenging tasks when I had the most energy to be productive.
I delegated some of the work that I don’t have the appropriate skills to the person who had the right skill for the task, this freed up some of my time so that I can focus on the task that requires my expertise. If the task requires my expertise and it seems overwhelming, then I broke down the task to small segments that required less time commitment. This helped me stop procrastinating.
Managing my interruptions helped me a lot for effective time management, when using telephones, I stay focused on the reason for the call and before attending the meeting I learnt the purpose of the meeting in advance, arrived on time and stick to the agenda during the meeting. Having a specific time assigned for checking email assisted me to use the time effectively.
Willpower and self-control:
My various studies on self-control and willpower aided me to learn about me and my willpower challenges. Willpower and self-control is a biological instinct that evolved to help us protect ourselves from ourselves. In order to maintain self-control, I need to forget virtue, and focus on goals and values.
I learnt that trying to control our thoughts and feeling creates an opposite effect instead of improving willpower. If I truly want peace of mind and self-control, I need to accept that it is impossible to control what...

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