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Leadership Case Study New technologies and world globalisation restructure the hospitality industry to provide higher standards. According to International Hotel and Restaurant Association?s White Paper Paris 2000, the industry is entering the ?age of excellence? that is expected occurring after 2005. In that age, a new vision has been created by focusing on gaining more value for stakeholders including employees, customers and shareholders. Knowledge and competencies will become parameter of thriving leadership performance. Obtaining higher responsibilities is not relying on how long a person works in an establishment, but how he retains excellent performances within. Organisational hierarchy is flattering as multiskilling takes place in the industry. Establishing an innovative vision is aimed to create a best practice organisation. The best practice can reduce staff turnover, which is extremely high in the hospitality industry. It also increases job satisfaction, quality assurance, customer service and reduces absenteeism. This paper portrays leadership analysis and recommendations based on workplace relationships in Baudin?s Restaurant. The analysis will fundamentally investigate the role of Self Directed Work Teams, Performance Management, Management by Objectives, and the most appropriate leadership styles and theories. Recommendations are provided to improve leaders? performance as the best practice for achieving the vision.Baudin?s Restaurant is a Food and Beverage outlet of Novotel Darling Harbour Sydney. The outlet employs a Restaurant Manager, an Assistant Manager, two supervisors, and twenty casual staff. There are many problems within the outlet, which are caused by poor leadership. Lack of information and empowerment are two major issues in the organization. Hiring too many casual staff is potentially reduced staff performance and morale. Employees do not implement their knowledge and skills to meet the organisation standard. Those problems arise as most of staff members do not recognize and understand what the vision of the workplace is.Leaders in Baudin?s Restaurant are inflexible as they mostly use a discipline hierarchy than self directed work teams. The managers and supervisors have absolute control and power of information, decision making and one-way communication. The staff members have to be supervised because the leaders always consider that they are not competent and lack of intelligent. Working on a team is a difficulty in Baudin?s Restaurant as the organisational culture has promoted independence, self-sufficiency and competitiveness. Accordingly, the outlet needs a fresh perspective and new skills to make collaboration work. It would be appropriate if the restaurant start forming self-directive work teams to develop collaborative thinking and key skills to be more effective.In self-directive work teams there are lines of communication between all team members. It does not have a single leader within the team, but all...

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