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Leadership Experience Essay

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At Flower Mound High School our football team is not stellar by any means, but they do put a lot of effort and time into practice and games. After working hard for countless hours on the field and in the weight room; losing is not the best reward for all of the effort they have put into their sport. With the student body of Flower Mound seeing the results the football team was receiving, the students were not too happy to go to football games. With this attitude football games turned into a social event between people without actually cheering for our team.
It was very depressing to see the football team try to produce a result for their school with no support. I am part of the soccer team at Flower Mound High School and know what it is like to have no support behind you. Many of our games consist of little to no parents because of the harsh cold weather. With this being the last year for most football players to ever step on a field and play; I wanted to make it special. I started talking to a couple of my friends about creating an amazing student section. They liked the idea although most people feel embarrassed to stand up in front of people and be rowdy. We stood in front of all the students and chanted, yelled, sang and enjoyed it. The football team seemed to be playing better also with a lively crowd. All over social media we were being thanked for our support and school spirit. It was nice to know that what you are doing is not going unnoticed or taken for granted.
I set up a group message for everyone involved in the rowdy section. We started getting ideas from videos on youtube of what chants and props to bring. We brainstormed ideas in the group message of what we thought we thought was good or bad. I started getting word out to people of our ideas, and also asking people if they want to join. People would come up to me and ask if I was part of the student section leaders and I reply with a smile and a yes. Now that we had an expanded fan base for the football team; we could start doing more creative cheers than what we started with. So during the week before Friday the leaders...

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