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Sometimes you have to wait to get opportunities to lead. First I was a helper and eventually got to be a leader. I have learned that I enjoy working with children and other adoptees. So far I have had only three leadership experiences.
My first experience was at my church when I helped teach children how to cupstack. Cupstacking or also known as speed stacking or sport stacking is a sport of stacking cups. An individual or a team stack special cups in a specific sequence as fast as they can. I started helping out when Mrs. Debbie, the pastor’s wife, was looking for teens to help with cupstacking so I volunteered. For 2 years I was a helper with the teacher. The teacher would first teach the kids a stack. Afterwards the teacher would have the kids do the stack with them. Then the teacher would have the kids practice the stack. While they were practicing the stack, I would go around and observe them to see if they were cupstacking correctly. If a child was struggling I would sit with them and help them until they understood how to cupstack the stack. This year I was got the opportunity to be in charge of the whole cupstacking program in an after school activities program. Mrs. Debbie knew I had helped it for a long time and that I enjoy doing it. There also weren’t a lot of people who knew how to teach cupstacking. I taught the new kids how to cupstack and observed the kids who knew how to cupstack. When I was teaching a group how to cupstack, I would begin with the teaching them the basics. Then I would teach them the first stack. After I would let them practice it and I would observe them to see if they were cupstacking correctly. I let them practice until it was time for games. I really enjoy teaching the kids how to cupstack.
When I was in 8th grade I started to help out in my church’s Children classrooms. I helped in the two to three year old class room for 3 years. When my church moved to a new building, I decided to help with different aged children. Mrs. Debbie suggest I try being helper for the older kids; grades 1-6. So, I went to help in the older kids room. On that day the teacher was teaching Boys Girls Missionary Club. After the class was finished, Mrs. Debbie asked me if I would like to teach that class. She told me that the teacher would be leaving soon and she needed someone to teach Boys Girls Missionary Club. Every third sunday I teach kids about Boys Girls Minisionary Club. I teach about...

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