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Franklin Delano Roosevelt What makes them great leaders is a jambalaya of things. They follow their promises, and have the ability to motivate people at all times. When referring to groups, individuals feel as if he/she is talking directly to them. There are many other qualities needed in a great leader, but it's not just their personality traits but their actions too. Franklin D Roosevelt is possibly the greatest leader America has ever had. He was such a powerful man with incredible determination. In 1921 he contracted Polio while on vacation at Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. In only 3 years he is able to return to public life, when he shows up at the Democratic convention to nominate Alfred E. Smith, governor of New York, as the party's presidential candidate. In 1928 he runs for governor of New York and wins. As governor Roosevelt introduces various social reforms, including tax relief for farmers and public development of electric power. As 1929 comes around, The Great Depression begins, with the collapse of prices on the New York stock exchange in October, ushering in a 10-year economic slump in North America, Europe, and other industrialized regions. Banks close, manufacturing output falls and unemployment rises dramatically. By 1932 US manufacturing output has fallen to 54% of its 1929 level and unemployment has risen to between 12 and 15 million workers, or 25-30% of the workforce. As governor of New York, Roosevelt responds by introducing state government welfare, establishing the temporary emergency relief administration to provided unemployment assistance to New York's poor. The 1932 election, Democratic candidate FDR wins while promising "a new deal for the American people." During his campaigns he outlined his "New Deal"; promising aid to farmers, public development of electric power, a balanced budget and government controls on private enterprise. March 9, 1933 starts the first of many "Fire Side Chats" from FDR. At 10pm he addressed the people of America about the banking crisis in America. Hearing his voice and feeling as if he was always...

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Left an Indelible Mark on American History

1908 words - 8 pages islands of the Pacific. His leadership paved America to defeat the Nazis. He also endorsed the building of the world's first atomic bombs, which his successor, President Harry Truman, used at last to defeat Japan. At the Yalta conference in February 1945, FDR met with the Soviet Union's Josef Stalin and Churchill to negotiate the boundaries of Europe and parts of Asia. (www.pbs.org) The Yalta conference was going to be the president’s greatest effort

Relief Brought to the American People by Roosevelt's New Deal Programs

1124 words - 4 pages depression and spurred America’s recovery. However, FDR’s New Deal impacted the future of America mentally. It instilled trust for FDR and his leadership which would be critical as America was heading into WWII, and FDR would have to serve three terms. As Document H states, “the government as an instrument of democratic action in the future has…been strengthened and renovated.”

Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

3088 words - 12 pages . I think it would be only fair to read the thoughts of those who disagreed with his policies. 4) Arnold, Alex. Nothing to Fear: Lessons in Leadership from FDR. Portfolio Hardcover 2003. -I really liked the back flap intro the book when I read it. There are many books out there by people that seem to just be inspirational fluff. This book is by an executive who go through many of FDR’s tactics in leadership and how effective they were. This


1008 words - 4 pages they were chosen and what they will attempt to complete to better the nation, and lead it efficiently. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech was one of the most memorable. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known commonly in this society as FDR, was elected into office at some point in the Great Depression. FDR was in the office as President with a total of four terms. Due to the horrible economy for the duration of that time, people needed a hero

Translation An Assessment of Axelrod's interpretation of Roosevelt’s speech

664 words - 3 pages quotes and interprets a speech made Theodore Roosevelt. However Axelrod's quotes and points are often valid in his paper ‘Nothing to Fear: Lessons in Leadership from FDR’. Axelrod’s points are proved valid for three reasons: (1) Axelrod talks about Roosevelt had polio; (2) Axelrod quoted multiple sources to help the audience to further understand what Roosevelt was saying, (3) Axelrod use quotation in appropriate ways. In Axelrod’s essay

My Life, My Rules

780 words - 4 pages Roosevelt, Alan Axelrod discusses the topic of fearlessness in the thirty-second president. Throughout drought and poverty, he shows that we can just open our eyes and accomplish so much more if we work together. Although he makes a very valid point, his historical accuracy lacks. In Nothing to Fear: Lessons in Leadership from FDR, by Alan Axelrod, it appears that not much historical research was used, due to the lack of sources overall, lack of

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849 words - 3 pages In the Berlin Diary, many types of leadership were exhibited in the democracies of France, Great Britain, and the United States of America. In this paper, I will identify the leaders of this very violent period, and attempt to analyze each democracy's leadership as it relates to World War II.FRANCE AND DALADIEROn his second go-around as Premier of France, Edouard Daladier was faced with a minor crisis in which he failed to make a decision. He

Franklin Delano Roosevelt What is this about? Everything FDR did during his presidency

1429 words - 6 pages President, Roosevelt faced a Great Depression and a World War. His leadership, during both, has changed the government of the United States, as we know it. His presidency protected freedom and democracy, and has even lead to a change in our constitution. Franklin Roosevelt is easily the most influential person of the century and has interested me greatly due to the fact that he was in a wheel chair most of his life but in spite of that he was one of

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2380 words - 10 pages politician. “In 1910, Roosevelt ran for a seat in the New York Senate, at the urging of the state's Democratic leadership. Once he was elected, Roosevelt became known for his dedication to clean government,” (Ryan par.5). FDR was so motivated and ambitious to reach his goals until the point that he funded his own campaign. Taking the seat in 1911, Roosevelt was the only Democrat elected in his district since 1856. Of course, this event was just the

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

3188 words - 13 pages the fourth ballot. He won the election on November 8, and in 1933, FDR was inaugurated. During his first “Hundred Days,” as the first three months have come to be known, many important events occurred under Roosevelt’s leadership. (Conkin 215) One act of extreme importance was the Emergency Banking Relief Act. This movement placed banks under federal control and provided for their re-opening. Also, the Economy Act was signed, which saved about

The Influences on the Signing of Executive Order 9066 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1697 words - 7 pages President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) on February 19th 1942. Once Executive Order 9066 was signed, with no proof that sabotage or espionage had been committed by Japanese Americans, it allowed for the relocation and summary removal of “enemy aliens” from their homes to incarceration under guard in designated areas / camps. With just one pen and piece of paper, FDR suddenly made it possible for citizens of Japanese descent to be arrested without

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795 words - 4 pages miss the entire meaning of the written work. It is found to be rather tedious and obnoxious to take somebody else’s work and turn it into something else completely. But at times, it can be found rather enlightening and amazing. One man, Alan Axelrod, took President Roosevelt’s first inaugural address, and attempted to interpret it in Nothing to Fear: Lessons in Leadership from FDR. Alan Axelrod had a very distinct impression of what President

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1957 words - 8 pages US and help to arm Britain and the Soviet Union as the Germans attacked. Responding to Japanese atrocities in Manchuria, FDR enforced an embargo on American oil and steel on Japan. As the Japanese government underwent a transition and a militant leadership took place, the controversy over Japanese intrusion in China and the US embargo resulted in extreme tensions. These restrictions meant that Japan did not have enough resources to fight the war

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1137 words - 5 pages of his New Deal, his great leadership skills, and his strong and deep connection to the people of the United States. President Roosevelt initiated the only program that could pull the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s New Deal got the country through one of the worst financial catastrophe the U.S. has ever been through. Diggerhistory.info biography on FDR states,” In March 13 million people were unemployed… In his first “Hundred

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1859 words - 7 pages participants in the programs. Reform was because of the lack of understanding of the elementary principles of justice and fairness by those in leadership positions and reconstruction because new and old conditions in our economy that had been neglected had to be corrected”. (pg.93-94). (Levine and Levine, 93, 94). The letters that FDR received from this chat was more criticism than appraisal. Most people that responded said that they “were not better off