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Leadership Found In Invictus Movie Leadership Strategy Assignment

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Movie Report: Invictus
Nelson Mandela, the president of South Africa who was imprisoned for 27 years by the previous South African government, pledged to unite the two groups, Afrikaners and black natives, together to become the new South Africa. In attempt to unite the country, the president use sport as a tool. He encouraged the people of South Africa to support the country’s rugby team, the Springboks leaded by Francois Pienaar, in the Rugby World Cup Championship in 1995 which is hosted by the country. From the movie, there are many qualities that make Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar a good and great leaders.
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela is a visionary leader as he see himself as a leader of a united nation and has a strong will to achieve his vision. Mandela did not only spoke about his goal but seriously act on it and has a very strong commitment in achieving his objective. Thereby, from his integrity and hard work he was able to unified South Africa. In this part of the report, the qualities and characteristics that make Mandela a successful and great leader will be clarified.
Firstly, Mandela treated his employees with respect and serving himself as a desirable role model. There is one scene shows that Mandela is willing to pour the tea by himself instead of letting the lady who serves the tea pour it for him and Pienaar. From this, Mandela shows his humbleness and also respect that he has toward the employee. Furthermore, the day Mandela arrived at the presidency, he greeted and smiled at everyone he met to represent that he is willing to treat everyone equally and try to create a friendly working environment for his employees. Mandela also good at observing the environment as while he is greeting the employees he realized that they were many white staffs that are leaving so he decided to give a speech to explain to everyone about his goal and that he needed help from everyone to move the country forward. This shows that Mandela intended to keep racial harmony, prefer to work as a team and see the importance of creating a team for the future that will reflect his goal in uniting the country. Besides, giving the speech to clarify his goal gives white people the confidence that he is not here for the revenge but for the country. With this action, he gained a lot of respect from the employees. He truly shows his intention, respect, smiling and greeting, toward everyone making him a polite, humble and straightforward leader that his employees are willing to look up and work for him. Moreover in order to make the public sees that he wants to move forward and unite the two divided group of South Africa, Mandela includes white people into his security guard team to show that there is no discrimination based on skin color in his reign. He is being a good example for his people to follow which is one of the good characteristics the leader should have.
Secondly, even though Mandela becomes a president, he did not use his power to force...

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