Leadership In Healthcare Management Essay

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According to McConell (2012), the difference in a leader and a follower determines the success of a person regarding leadership. This chapter helps explain the content of qualities and proficiency for healthcare managers to be effective. Once again, effective management skills or certain qualifications enhance a healthcare organization environment. Healthcare managers and supervisors must have the capacity to handle challenges while the organization objectives and regulations may change over a period of time. Effective healthcare management governs the success of a healthcare organization. There are many different skill sets and leadership styles to be effective as a manager. People are interested in knowing what strategies are effective in healthcare management.
Importance of Leadership
A manager’s leadership style must influence staff and others to take them seriously. A manager sets the tempo for the employees’ work ethic. Effective leadership from healthcare managers is important to the modern healthcare reform (Kumar, 2013). Leadership engagement in healthcare explains how a problem could affect a healthcare organization. Managers that hold leadership roles must adopt a certain style that can be functional for his or her initial organization to be successful. Performance improvement can be a very serious aspect of leadership engagement (Croxton, 2011). Healthcare managers need to have people from all areas involved to work effectively. Without the consistency of getting all staff and physicians involved, the organization may suffer greatly.
Physicians, administrators, staff, and patients who are affiliated within the healthcare organization should understand the importance of interoperability by coming together to ease situations, in efforts of creating a better community. Most communities have more than one healthcare organization available for service. Brailer (2005) acknowledges that a sizeable number of citizens receive treatment from multiple providers at a time. Interoperability is a gateway for many business ventures in healthcare to accommodate for patients being admitted in multiple provider organizations. All healthcare professionals, especially managers, must communicate effectively. A good example of interoperability is transformation of electronic medical records, or recruiting physician specialists to operate on a specific procedure (Hellberg & Gronlund, 2013).
It is expected that complications must be accounted for while building a strong relationship between healthcare managers and staff. Problems are expected to occur. This is the reason why proper planning is important to healthcare organizations. Healthcare leaders might be concerned with cultural differences that exist in their organization. The problem might be caused by a manager not being involved with the immediate department or working environment. Another reason might be inequality issues that boost poor morale, downgrade associations, and devalue legal...

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