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Leadership In The Movie Wall Street

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Leadership can be defined as “The ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members.”(House & Javidan (2004) ). The effectiveness of leadership is more crucial to the organizational performance. For instance, the quality of executive leadership consistently accounted for between 15-45% of differences in company’s bottom line results.(Barrick, Day, Lord & Alexander, 1991; Day, 2000; Joyce,Nohria, & Robertson, 2003).
Wall Street (1987) movie was directed by Oliver stone, which mainly revolves around two main characters namely Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox. This report analyses the leadership of Gordon Gekko in the movie. Gekko (leader) is an amazing antagonist who displays power and charisma. He is a rich corporate raider who believes in making profits at the expense of others.
Budd fox (follower) is a young stock broker at Jackson Steinem & Co aspiring to become rich like Gekko. With the influence of Gekko and the attraction towards huge lumps of money, he falls into the trap of insider trading corruption. He started retrieving information from Bluestar Airlines, where Carl fox was working as president of machinist union.
In order, to evaluate the effectiveness of Gekko’s leadership his traits, skills, leadership style, Power and influence among the followers are considered.
Power and Influence are the necessary criteria for an effective leader. The concept of power is useful for understanding how people are able to influence each other in organizations (Mintzberg,1983;Pfefer,1981,1992). The framework developed by the French and Raven (1959) identifies five general sources of power that stem from the individual characteristics of people and relationships between those people with power and those with less. Table 1 analyses the power bases and the usage of it by Gordon. Referent power is the power that a person has by virtue of possessing qualities which are admired by others. This power is quite evident because Bud is persistent trying to contact Gekko continuously for 59 days in a row in order to meet him. Bud wants to sell him stock, get into his circle, as he wants to be a victorious “player” like Gekko. Coercive power is one of the influential powers used by Gekko over Bud, as it takes all the benefits/reward that Bud has gained through his contact. Also Bud’s relationship with Darrian would end as Gekko introduced her to all her clients and therefore, it could affect that. At the end of the movie, he uses coercive power (arrest of Bud) to Bud when he misleads him in the Bluestar deal. Mulder (1977 ) believes that some people have an addiction to power where the striving for success can become an overriding dominant passion. Gekko is passionate about making profits every day. He believes that greed towards money has marked the upward surge of mankind. In order to make money he is ready to...

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